Michelle Obama Announces Global Girls Alliance

first_imgMichelle Obama has announced the launch of the Global Girls Alliance, a new Obama Foundation program that seeks to empower adolescent girls around the world through education.Right now, more than 98 million adolescent girls are not in school, and yet an educated girl can lift up her family, her community, and her country. The Global Girls Alliance aims to advance the efforts of organizations and individuals doing this work by driving public awareness and action. As part of this effort, the Alliance will help support grassroots leaders around the world who best understand the unique challenges girls face in their local communities and the strategies needed to overcome these barriers.“I’m thrilled to announce the Obama Foundation’s launch of the Global Girls Alliance,” said Mrs. Obama. “We want to lift up the grassroots leaders in communities all over the world who are clearing away the hurdles that too many girls face. Because the evidence is clear: educating girls isn’t just good for the girls, it’s good for all of us.”The Global Girls Alliance will amplify this work being done around the world to empower adolescent girls through education by: Inspiring, empowering, and connecting grassroots leaders. The Foundation wants to ensure that those on the front lines are supported with effective strategies to enhance and scale their work. We created an online network to connect leaders to one another so they can share best practices, resources, encouragement, and ideas. Driving specific commitments through GoFundMe. These grassroots leaders need more than visibility and connections to one another—they need financial support. To close this gap, the Foundation worked with GoFundMe to launch the Global Girls Alliance Fund, a fund that will directly support grassroots leaders working on girls education. Donations to the fund may be general or designated by donors for specific projects listed on the Global Girls Alliance GoFundMe page. Inspiring and challenging young people in the developed world to join this Global Girls Alliance. We want young people in the United States and around the world to learn about this issue and get involved. From encouraging young people to share a presentation on this issue at school to collaborating with girl group organizations who have expanded their programming to include work on adolescent girls education, the Foundation is offering resources to help young people turn their passion about this issue into action.Mrs. Obama announced the initiative on a special 8 am hour of the Today Show devoted to the International Day of the Girl.“Through Mrs. Obama’s passion for this issue, our aim is to drive global attention, awareness, and action—and generate commitments to help empower adolescent girls around the world, so that they can, in turn, support their families, communities, and countries,” said Obama Foundation CEO David Simas.Learn more at GlobalGirlsAlliance.org.last_img read more

58 ads eye women only 35 target both genders

first_imgMumbai: Marketers in India are missing potential opportunities to reach out to men in the categories where both genders are equal decision makers, according to a Kantar report. It revealed the disconnect between consumer and business opinions of gender portrayals in advertising. The AdReaction report noted that 58 percent ads on air target women exclusively, and only 35 percent are targeted towards both genders. While the clear majority of marketers globally (more than 75 percent) think they are avoiding gender stereotypes, 76 percent of female consumers and 71 percent of male consumers believe that the way theyre portrayed in advertising is completely out of touch, it said. Also Read – Maruti cuts production for 8th straight month in SepIt noted that globally, gender-balanced brands drive greater brand value while brands that skew towards men tend to underperform and are valued on average $9 billion less, while only one in three brands achieve this balance in India. In the wake of the ‘MeToo’ movement, the industry globally claims they are actively designing for both genders and representing them in a progressive context. But less female marketers are convinced with the way theyre portraying men in the advertisements, it said. It observed that getting the gender placement right is important, especially from a digital and static perspective because it can be used as a targeting and optimisation variable in these channels. Also Read – Ensure strict implementation on ban of import of e-cigarettes: revenue to CustomsIt also noted that new information has the highest receptivity in India, more than 50 percent men and women become more positive towards the ads that have new information. This is closely followed by humour which has a critical role to play in improving the ad receptivity with both genders. “The report highlights that the bulk of ads in India are targeted at women; but marketers appear to be targeting them led more by stereotypes. Gender targeting should not be an either or decision and we need to challenge these outdated assumptions. From a portrayals perspective, more emphases need to be made towards aspirational and authoritative roles. The industry as a whole needs to be more aware than ever that things need to change, said Vishikh Talwar-managing director- Kantar Millward Brown, South Asia.last_img read more

Fines from road rule violations for health sector

“This process is not to get an income for the Government,” the Minister said. The fines collected from road rule violations will be used to improve the health sector and other essential services, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said today.He said the Government is not estimating the income to be collected from fines as it is purely to reduce road accidents. Karunanayake said that the latest technology will be used to ensure a transparent process is followed when imposing a fine on an offender. The government had recently increased the fines on road rule violations despite objections from some sections of the public transport sector. (Colombo Gazette)

INTERVIEW Afghanistan must not be forgotten amid more pressing crises warns UN

UN News Centre: The UN remains very committed to Afghanistan. What about the rest of the international community, are they losing interest? Is this becoming a forgotten crisis? Nicholas Haysom: I look at it from two dimensions. Internally, there has been a reduction in size of the international community’s presence. You see that in regard to the media, in regard to the size, the number of diplomatic missions and maybe in the engagement of economic entities as well. One would hope that those remaining are more committed and engaged and that there is still a lot that can be done. Externally, we would recognize that there are more pressing issues outside of Afghanistan. Those issues occur in places that are closer to Europe and the traditional European-NATO type countries that are heavily invested in Afghanistan. UN envoy Nicholas Haysom greets audience members during a debate broadcast on state television in December 2014 in which he stressed the UN’s commitment to support Afghanistan. UN Photo/Fardin Waezi UN News Centre: Following the withdrawal of foreign troops, to what extent has the UN’s role become more difficult? Nicholas Haysom: What we have seen is not simply a military withdrawal. We’ve also seen an international civilian withdrawal. There has undoubtedly been an economic contraction with more visible signs of poverty, even in Kabul itself. In the three years that I’ve been in Kabul, there has been a deterioration of security. The way in which we do our work is more circumscribed. We are now unable to make use of social networks in the way we used to, to engage not only Afghans but also the non-Afghan non-governmental organizations and diplomatic communities. The space for the engagement of society has shrunk because of the deterioration of the security environment. Politically, it has also been testing for the UN. We are working with a Government which has made it clear that it expects value from the UN. It is not prepared to accept the mandates of any given agency, fund or programme as a self-evident virtue. It wants to see what we bring to the table and how we are contributing towards growing the capacity of Afghans to manage their own affairs. UN News Centre: And where do you think we are on the ‘hope barometer?’ Nicholas Haysom: I think we’re quite evenly balanced. There is cause for concern, which the Afghans express. But on the other hand, things are more or less on track. I think it would be accurate to say that Afghanistan is muddling through. And I would also not undervalue that. It may sound as if I’m dropping the bar but the truth is that Afghanistan first has to address serious economic problems. It has to sustain its overall coherence in its security agencies and security response. It has to make progress politically, which, given tensions within Government and the challenges facing it, are quite significant. While they are, more or less, meeting the benchmarks and may be modestly succeeding them, I think that everyone is aware that if something were to go badly wrong in any one of those areas – if the government was to fall apart for some reason, the economy was to dip badly or there was to be some serious security reverses – all of those would go into the mix. There is not going to be any miraculous transformations to the economy, to the conflict that plagues the country or in the political achievements. UN News Centre: Does the recent attack on Parliament and what we’ve been seeing in Kunduz show that the nature of the challenges facing Afghanistan is changing, evolving? Nicholas Haysom: The nature of the challenge is evolving, but bear in mind that in 2015 the Afghan Security Forces have taken on the sole responsibility of managing the security of the country. Five years ago, some would say that was unthinkable. There are steady achievements… but we’ve always got to be realistic; the Afghans are realistic. We should not overstress enormous strides. There is not going to be any miraculous transformations to the economy, to the conflict that plagues the country or in the political achievements. Thirty years of strife have taken a heavy toll on Afghan institutions and on the economy. Seen here are women sorting pistachios by hand at a privately-owned factory in Herat in June 2012. UN Photo/Eric Kanalstein Speaking to the UN News Centre, Mr. Haysom – the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) – said it would be “disastrous” if the country was forgotten amid today’s more pressing crises. Although there has been progress in meeting the country’s challenges in the economic, security and political fields, failure in any one of these areas would have consequences for the overall success of the Afghan transition. UN News Centre: Is there a sense of hopelessness growing among the people, or are they very resilient? Nicholas Haysom: Afghans are resilient. For 30 years they have been living in an unstable, insecure position. While they are resilient, there needs to be cause for hope. With hope, I think people can withstand quite difficult circumstances. So really, one is in the business of measuring, as it were, a ‘hope barometer,’ which looks at a wide range of factors including the state of the economy, the functioning of government and whether they think things are generally moving in the right direction. Female members of the Afghan National Police train at a police training centre in the capital, Kabul, in February 2013. The UN in Afghanistan supports efforts, along with national and international partners, to strengthen the capacity of women police and improve access to justice for women and children. UN Photo/Fardin Waezi Afghan citizens, including this woman in Herat, went to the polls in August 2009 to vote in presidential and provincial council elections. The polls resulted in the first democratic transfer of power in the country. UN Photo/Tim Page On the one hand, Afghanistan needs to acknowledge that it is not the only case that has a compelling claim to international attention. But on the other, it needs to make the case that it would be disastrous, and lead to potential reversals if the international community would lose attention – take their eye off the ball, so to speak.  UN News Centre: How optimistic are you for Afghanistan as a whole? Nicholas Haysom: Once you adjust to the hurdles you think the country must meet, to the level of realism, I am optimistic. As I said, there is not going to be any miracles, there is going to be gradual engagement with challenges it meets, against realistic benchmarks. And they have the potential to meet them. read more

Greece New memorandum draft leaks

first_imgIn what has been a marathon of negotiations, talks between Greece and its international lenders (European Commission, European Central Bank, European Stability Mechanism and the International Monetary Fund) resulted in a cliffhanger, as talks paused late on Tuesday without the two sides reaching an agreement over the country’s bailout review. The lenders are set to return to Greece on 18 April, immediately after the IMF spring meetings in Washington (which representatives of both parties will attend, informally resuming talks there), to continue negotiations before a scheduled meeting of eurozone finance ministers on 22 April. “The Greek government and the four institutions agreed there was progress,” has been the official line, as stated by Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos. What have been the debated issues that prevented an agreement? The two sides didn’t seem to reach a deal on pension reforms and regulating non-performing loans. Both sides said that progress had been made but there were still gaps to bridge. The Greek side tried to dismiss concerns, with officials talking of “small details on the fiscal side of things” that need to be settled. Creditors insist on a Greek commitment to budget savings, centered on overhauls of pensions and income taxes, worth about €5.4 billion, or 3 per cent of Greece’s gross domestic product. Greece has long been reluctant to implement such unpopular measures, but lenders also seem to disagree. The review has dragged on for months mainly due to a disagreement among the lenders over Greece’s projected fiscal shortfall by 2018 – initially seen at three per cent by the EU, one per cent by Greece and 4.5 per cent by the IMF. During the past week, an agreement has been reached, setting the baseline at three per cent, although the EU and the IMF are still at odds on whether Athens could achieve a 3.5 per cent primary surplus (i.e. budget balance before debt service payments) in 2018. The IMF, which will decide whether to co-finance Greece’s third bailout after the review and in light of how much debt relief Greece receives, believes Athens will miss its 2018 surplus target and settle at 1.5 per cent, even if it implements measures worth three per cent of GDP. EU institutions, on the other hand, insist that the target is feasible. According to various sources, most issues seem to remain open at the moment.Where exactly is Greece now, in terms of deficit and projected surplus? Current review projections show a primary deficit of 0.5 per cent this year for Greece, a surplus of 0.25 per cent in 2017 and a primary surplus of just 1.5 per cent in 2018. According to the IMF, these figures reflect reform fatigue after five years of adjustments and social pressures in Greece due to high unemployment, which rose to 24.4 per cent in January. Projections also expect an average rate of economic growth of 1.25 per cent for the long term, lower than its previous forecast.Was the issue of debt relief discussed? The IMF has long been pressing on the issue, and during this round of talks insisted that Greece’s European partners grant Athens substantial debt relief, the size of which is connected to that of the bailout loan. “Despite generous concessional official financing and further reform plans … debt dynamics are projected to remain highly unsustainable,” the IMF stated in a draft Memorandum of Financial and Economic Policies (MFEP), compiled during the review. “To restore debt sustainability, in addition to our reform efforts, decisive action by our European partners to grant further official debt relief will be essential.” This is a win for the Greek government, which has been focusing on a possible debt relief that would allow for it to be deemed viable.On the other hand, Greece has aimed to exclude the IMF from the program which is not a possibility now; the IMF’s inclusion is made clear in the papers. Wait. So now there is a new memorandum? There has been a leak of two documents, that seem to outline a new set of measures that the Greek government should implement; one of them is a draft version of a technical ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ penned by the EU, that examines the obligatory structural reforms and their deadlines. Both texts offer specifics on the policies agreed by Greece and its lenders last summer, so they are not a ‘fourth memorandum’ so much, rather a new version of the third one.The draft of the agreement seems to suggest serious concessions on behalf of the Greek government, as it covers the vast majority of measures that were left out of the previous bailouts. According to it, the conditions for receiving the loan see to a reduction of the deficit of 2016, equivalent to 0.75 per cent of Greece’s GDP, through revenue generated by the upcoming measures. It also sets other “ambitious, yet realistic” targets, which could be met by the imposition of measures that would save the equivalent of 2.5 per cent of GDP by 2018, such as reforms to the Greek pension and tax systems, as well as the wages of public sector workers. A special emphasis is given on revenue collection with the establishment of an independent revenue agency, contrary to the government’s previous plans for it to be supervised by the Ministry of Finance and in the context of safeguarding financial stability, the Bank of Greece will be granted additional supervisory powers over Greek banks, including the monitoring of solvency and liquidity and the assessment of their performance. The agreement explicitly sees to readjustments of the program’s goals so as to offset the fiscal impact of the refugee issue, but it remains a question whether such major changes can be implemented amidst an already tumultuous situation.What kind of pension reforms are suggested? Pensions will be recalculated, introducing a national pension of €345 a month for 15 years of documented labour and contributions and €384 for 20 years. Τhe poor pensioners solidarity benefit, EKAS, will be gradually phased out, to be abolished by the end of 2019, along with any other additional subsidies. The savings from this process will be directed towards the introduction of a Guaranteed Minimum Income in June, a measure that has been advocated by various political parties in recent years.To tackle further pension fund deficits, Greece should implement measures worth another 0.5 per cent of GDP but without including any more cuts to its main pensions which would be frozen.The SYRIZA government has been reluctant to agree on this reform, as it does not want to hurt the country’s 2.7 million pensioners any more, having seen their monthly stipends cut 11 times since 2010. Are wages also being reduced? SYRIZA can officially bury its plan to reinstate minimum wages to pre-crisis levels. The draft binds the government to the legislation passed in 2013, specifically prohibiting “a return to past policy settings”. Labour issues have also entered into the agreement. A new Labour Law Code has to be implemented by the end of 2016, preceded by the government’s commitment to line up legislation on collective dismissals, strikes and bargaining with “best practice in the EU”.Does this mean lay-offs in the public sector? This is not clearly stated, but a new framework for the civil service is bound to be established. It includes performance assessment for public sector workers, reduction of wages and benefits and new law, regulating the way managerial positions would be open to outsider contestants. How will the taxation system be affected? Readjusting tax income brackets and lowering the tax-free threshold was discussed. The ‘new’ memorandum draft suggest a vast reform of personal income taxation in order to yield profits equal to one per cent of Greece’s GDP, as it will broaden the tax-paying base of wage-earners, 55 per cent of whom are now exempt from any tax.The tax-free income threshold will be lowered to €8,812 p.a. (it currently stands at €9,545). A higher tax rate will be imposed on electricity and other utilities, while books, magazines and entertainment services will enter the middle strata of the VAT scale. ENFIA, the controversial housing tax that was introduced in 2014 will be restructured, so as to balance the loss from the coming readjustment of zone prices that aims at reflecting current market values for real estate. The farming industry will now be taxed on the sum of the farmer’s income, including subsidies, and the definition of the professional farmer will tighten for tax purposes.What about the ‘red’ loans? Non-performing loans, claim a large part of the draft, with lenders urging for the liberalisation of the loan market as part of measures to reduce the volume of ‘red’ loans. Athens is to amend its legislation to allow the sale of non-performing and performing bank loans by non-banks “freely and immediately”. The according legislation should be passed before 2017 and implemented gradually; the plan is for ‘red loans’ to be personified according to each debtor’s capability to pay, assisted by a framework for handling larger debts and a plan of reductions for social security debts. Any progress on the privatisations field? Privatisations also take a significant part of the drafted agreement. The IMF urges the Greek government to endorse immediately a plan of privatisation of 27 assets via the Asset Development Fund (TAIPED); in addition to that, a new independent authority, supervised by the EU, is to be established, managing assets that are to go through privatisation. Among the priorities is the finalisation of a series of deals, including the airport of Hellinikon, Thessaloniki port authority and the remaining obligations on the port of Piraeus and the 14 regional airports.Privatisation plans are to be extended to include utilities; the draft implies the selling of the electricity provider’s stocks and a five-year business plan to be implemented on the two major water providers, for Athens and Thessaloniki. Why is the April 22 deadline important? Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who has a fragile parliamentary majority, is aiming for a compromise before the eurozone finance ministers’ meeting on 22 April. He hopes that a positive review will appease the markets and coax back investors, while a debt restructuring will convince Greeks that their sacrifices are paying off after six years of belt-tightening. It will also unlock €5 billion in aid. Athens needs the money to repay €3.5 billion to the IMF and the European Central Bank in July, as well as unpaid domestic bills. The EU, on its part, is keen on resolving the issue as quickly as possible, having to cope with a huge refugee crisis, with Greece at its epicentre.How are things expected to unfold from now on? Given the SYRIZA government’s fragile majority, a new round of social and political turmoil should be expected. The Greek government is trying to gain time, in anticipation of events, having already stated that it will submit two bills on tax and pension reform to the parliament next week, despite the deal not having been reached yet.“The legislation will be passed by the end of the month and there is time to make adjustments,” said the Finance Minister, Euclid Tsakalotos, in a joint statement with the Minister of Labour, Giorgos Katrougalos, suggesting that Greece, being a sovereign country, will have “the last word”, even if it needs “to listen to the opinion of the institutions”. This turn of events apparently took creditors by surprise as neither the two ministers nor Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had informed them of their intentions. The usual procedure is for the content of the legislation to be agreed between the government and the institutions; then eurozone finance ministers give their blessing and finally, the bill is debated and voted on in the Greek Parliament. Analysts see this unilateral move as an attempt from the Greek side to exert pressure on the creditors to wrap up the first review of the country’s third bailout by the end of the month so as to avoid the scenario of negotiations extending into June.Sources: Athens Live, The TOC, The Press Project, Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

60 years of Neos Kosmos

first_imgNeos Kosmos turns 60 today, Monday 13 February, and we are planning a special anniversary edition to be published later this year. But today we would like to reflect on those 60 years since that first edition in 1957.Every newspaper in the world forms a special bond with its readership, and in the case of Neos Kosmos, this relationship was established and nurtured on the dreams and challenges of all those people who left Greece behind in pursuit of a better life here in Australia. We have many reasons to be proud of our thrice-weekly, bilingual, unique paper; our circulation figures (as confirmed by the Australian Bureau of Circulations) far exceed those of any other Greek paper in Australia, making Neos Kosmos the most successful non-English Australian newspaper, as well as the most successful among the papers of the broader Greek diaspora.Neos Kosmos has changed significantly over the decades, both visually and in its content. Today, the paper is bilingual and not restricted to its three printed publications per week. It has a very strong, and growing online presence, reaching over 100,000 regular readers every month, as well as a robust social media following, connecting members of the community and the interconnected diaspora. Neos Kosmos remains a newspaper that, since its inception, has played a role far beyond that of a news outlet, which in part explains its bond with its readership. In the 1960s the publication organised soup kitchens for unemployed Greek migrants. It advocated on issues of Greek national interests, which played a significant part in the pro-Hellenic stance of many Australian politicians and administrations. Neos Kosmos fought against the military junta in Greece and for the rights of workers and migrants. It campaigned for the establishment of a chair of Modern Greek Studies at Melbourne University, and tirelessly fought for the implementation of multiculturalism. The Australian Labor Party endorsed many of the suggestions around multiculturalism put forward by Neos Kosmos, when Gough Whitlam rose to power in 1972, initiating policies later embraced by his Liberal successor Malcolm Fraser.Among the causes Neos Kosmos successfully fought for was the abolishment of the restrictions in granting Australian citizenship to migrants involved in political activity, the laws allowing the transfer of overseas pension rights, the funding for migrant schools and the creation of SBS, which was built on the 3EA radio licence issued in the name of Dimitris Gogos, the founder of Neos Kosmos. In years that followed the paper continued to support the cause of multiculturalism and was also instrumental in the creation of the Greek Australian Welfare Society (now Pronia), from which Fronditha evolved using the offices of Neos Kosmos as its fundraising headquarters. Even the inclusion of Greek among the languages taught in Victorian schools is largely due to thousands of our readers signing a petition on the issue. A complete recount of the many campaigns and achievements of Neos Kosmos would take up a lot of newspaper pages. So would a recount of the life and times of Takis (Dimitris) Gogos, our founding editor and publisher (alongside his long-term partners Nondas Pezaros and Christos Mourikis), whose birthday is also on 13 February. The son of migrants from Asia Minor, Takis Gogos was born in Chios, where he first got involved in newspapers in an era of political turmoil before reluctantly deciding to migrate to Australia due to the harsh political climate that made it impossible for progressive and left-leaning citizens to lead a normal life in Greece. In Australia, he took part in struggles against discrimination and oppression, pursuing his journalistic ambitions with the Greek Australian (Afstraloellinas) before founding Neos Kosmos. His son Christopher is now at the helm of the newspaper, leaving his own mark while maintaining the core principles and journalistic ethics handed down by his father. It is under his leadership that Neos Kosmos made the transition to new technology, turning the paper’s online edition into one of the most popular news outlets of the Greek diaspora − and a point of reference for Greek media in the motherland. A second generation Greek Australian, Chris Gogos has always believed in the role of the English edition of Neos Kosmos, which has become the cultural link between the older and younger generations in our community. Most importantly, it is now the defacto language in communicating the hopes and aspirations of a new generation of readers in print and online. Neos Kosmos is now on the path to presenting and retaining our incredible cultural heritage to a much bigger community than the one that existed all those years ago in 1957. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

iPhone Pro un concept tourné vers la photographie

first_imgiPhone Pro, un concept tourné vers la photographieC’est une idée du designer Jinyoung Choi de transformer l’iPhone en véritable appareil photo, pouvant notamment accueillir divers objectifs, comme un appareil reflex. Peut être une des évolutions de l’iPhone 5 ?Le concept nommé iPhone Pro change donc votre smartphone en APN, avec un écran LCD de 4,5 pouces (1200×800) et les boutons habituels du téléphone. Par contre, au verso de l’iPhone se trouverait un capteur 3D (1,2 mégapixels) avec la possibilités d’y fixer divers objectifs, à la manière d’un apn reflex. L’iPhone Pro serait également compatible avec un projecteur incluant des haut-parleurs, idéal pour projeter votre travail par exemple. Ce concept serait donc une aubaine pour les photographes ou les amoureux de la photo.Plutôt alléchant, voici quelques photos à cette adresse.Le 3 avril 2012 à 18:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img

Daniel Bryan advertised for next weeks WWE TV tapings

first_img Wrestler Brie Bella Wants Another Baby WWE Smackdown Results – 9/3/19 (King of the Ring Quarterfinals, Daniel Bryan apology) Videos Articles Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Twitter Videos Articles John Oliver Daniel Bryan has been advertised for next week’s WWE TV tapings in Louisiana according to a report by Mike Johnson. Local advertising in New Orleans, where next week’s 1/12 RAW is being held, is promoting it as Bryan’s return to the city since he won the WWE World Title at WrestleMania 30 last April. It is said that Bryan will not be wrestling until he competes in the 30 Man Royal Rumble match in Philadelphia on 1/25.Source: PWInsider.comRecommended videosPowered by AnyClipJohn Oliver Takes On The WWEVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:34/Current Time 0:05Loaded: 100.00%0:05Remaining Time -0:29 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list WhatsApp Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Jamal Khashoggi WWE star Ruby Riott reveals new tattoos, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s dog passes awaycenter_img WWE Still Moving Forward With Crown Jewel Event In Saudi Arabia Smackdown Live Preview: Daniel Bryan still wants an apology, King of the Ring Quarterfinals WWE Royal Rumble Card Update For 2019 Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Videos Articles Facebook Now Playing Up Next Google+ John Oliver Takes On The WWE WrestleMania Could Be Biggest Ever Pinterestlast_img read more

Port of Vancouvers 2019 preliminary budget talks Tuesday

first_imgThe Port of Vancouver Board of Commissioners will discuss the port’s 2019 preliminary budget during a public workshop Tuesday.The workshop will follow the board’s regular meeting, which begins at 9:30 a.m. at the port administrative office, 3103 N.W. Lower River Road.In the workshop, port staff will walk commissioners through the budget and answer questions.Public input on the budget will be accepted at the Nov. 13 commission meeting during open forum. During that meeting, the board will consider the budget. It is expected to vote on it at the Nov. 27 regular board meeting, following a public hearing.More information on the budget is available at www.portvanusa.com/about/budget.last_img

Pena to be patient before next move

first_imgRangers midfielder Carlos Pena has revealed he will take his time before deciding his future after falling out of favour at the Scottish club.The Mexican midfielder still has 18 months left on his contract but Rangers boss Steven Gerrard insisted at the end of last year it would be difficult for Pena to work his way into his plans.“I want to continue playing football, I am only 28 and I want another chance,” Pena said, according to the Scotsman.“Whether that is with Rangers or in Turkey or Poland I don’t know. I have until January 31 to make my mind up.”“There are clubs in Mexico who are interested in me – 
Correcaminos UAT and Dorados de Sinaloa.”Rangers is still behind Celtic: John Hartson Manuel R. Medina – September 3, 2019 According to the former Celtic player, there’s still a massive gap between his ex-club and Rangers in the Scottish Premier League.“I only want the best club for me and I will take my time to decide my next career move.”“What’s important to me are my family and friends.”“People who I really considered to be friends and my family have all stuck by me.”“Others have disappeared, but I knew I had people surrounding me who would not be with me in the difficult times because they were only interested in fame and money.”last_img read more

Didier Deschamps accepts responsibility for disappointing display

first_imgFrance national team manager Didier Deschamps said France couldn’t impress following Holland defeat which has kept them in danger of failing to qualify for the Nations League finals.However, the team hopes Germany would beat Holland on Monday to ensure a top spot in Group A1.The Coach on his own admitted responsibility alongside his players for their unimpressive game and surprise setback.“There was a team in front of us with a lot of envy and we were not good enough,” Deschamps was said via the French FA website as quoted by BT Sport.“In the aggressiveness, there was no picture tonight and it’s logical that this team from the Netherlands wins this match.”Opinion: Neymar will earn respect back from the PSG fans Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 After completing his incredible return to Parc des Princes, we predict that Neymar will earn the respect back from PSG supporters.The situation between Neymar…“And I do not exclude myself from this analysis.”Captain Lloris added that France must now  rely on Germany during the final group fixture.“The opponent was very strong. For our part, we did not meet the requirements of the highest level,” Lloris told L’Equipe.“We played below our potential and we paid for it. The score could have been more flattering for the Netherlands.“We must challenge ourselves after this defeat and hope for a victory for Germany.”last_img read more

Fire Danger Remains High With Warmer Temperatures

first_imgHowie Kent with the Division of Forestry says the Kenai Peninsula still has a lot of dry fire fuels, which have become more flammable due to recent warmer temperatures.: “We’re expecting a little bit of breezy conditions along the coastal areas, like Kenai, Soldotna, Homer, that kind of area. For the weekend we are expected to get warmer and dryer, which will lead to higher temperatures, and lower relative humidity which equal the possibility for more fires.”   Kent: “As people get out and they want to do some camping, and want to have a campfire remember to keep your campfire small in case the winds pick up unexpectedly try and keep your fire under control.”  In southcentral Alaska, recent warm days and temperatures on the  forecast will dry the surface fuels and deeper layers of forested lands leaving them very susceptible to fire starts. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享As residents and visitors on the Kenai Peninsula prepare to head outside to soak up this warm weather, the state’s wildland fire officials would like to remind the public to be extremely cautious with any activity that could ignite a wildfire. The Swan Lake Fire still burns in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. The fire has not increased in acreage since July 22, however smoke may be visible in the area as the fire is still smoldering in the deep duff layers on the forest floor.last_img read more

Africa debt crisis looming

first_imgAfrica: debt crisis looming?2.6K viewsAfrica: debt crisis looming?2.6K views00:00 / 00:00- 00:00:0000:00Africa: debt crisis looming?2.6K viewsBusinessDebt crisis. It’s a phrase Europe has made its own in recent history. Could it be Africa’s turn next? SOUNDBITE (English) JUDITH TYSON, AUTHOR, OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE, SAYING: ”The riskVentuno Web Player 4.50Debt crisis. It’s a phrase Europe has made its own in recent history. Could it be Africa’s turn next? SOUNDBITE (English) JUDITH TYSON, AUTHOR, OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE, SAYING: ”The risklast_img

Trump Administration Believes Captive Houston Journalist Austin Tice Is Alive

first_imgAP Photo/Family of Austin TiceAustin Tice.Robert O’Brien, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs, said this week the Trump administration believes a freelance journalist from Houston who went missing in Syria in August 2012 is still alive.O’Brien spoke Tuesday about Austin Tice’s case at the National Press Club and said that “the United States government believes that Austin Tice is alive.” “We’re deeply concerned about his well-being after six years of captivity,” he added, although he didn’t provide any details.Tice, 37, was taken captive in Syria in 2012 when he was covering the civil war in that country.Over the past six years, an estimated 192 journalists and aid workers have been killed in Syria. Sharelast_img

RIO 2016 Reasons why you should take the next flight to Brazil

first_imgRIO 2016: Reasons why you should take the next flight to BrazilRIO 2016: Reasons why you should take the next flight to BrazilWith the Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro approaching on Friday, August 5th, the athletes are making their way to the ‘Marvelous City’. Fans from every country in the world are heading to Brazil as well. It’s a huge party to celebrate and promote peace and diversity through sports, and a great opportunity to explore Rio de Janeiro, its beaches, culture, and lifestyle.The United States will bring to Rio one of its biggest Olympics delegations in years, with 555 members that will represent Team America in 27 sports (40 disciplines). They will participate in 244 of the 306 medal events, and certainly will make their fellow Americans proud.Audiences from around the world will be watching daily the sporting events that will take place in Brazil, but only visitors to Rio de Janeiro will be able to experience the atmosphere of the Games in its totality, with thousand of cultural events, Olympic Houses, and the energy of fans from all over the world.For those of you who haven’t planned in advance, there are still tickets available for many events. Check out  Rio2016.com for availability, and book the next flight!Below you will find some of the reasons you should not miss this opportunity:Historical Event. For the first time in history the Olympics will take place in South America. It has major significance for the continent and the Olympic movement. The games will take place in one of the most spectacular sceneries in the world, surrounded by hospitable people, and amazing culture and cuisine. Rio de Janeiro has been transformed to host the games, and it is even more attractive to visitors, with new public spaces, museums, hotels, and a transportation system that facilitates travel.The Party. It is already clear that Brazil, and particularly Rio de Janeiro, knows better than anyone how to organize a great party. With several events in recent years, such as the 2007 Pan American, 2013 Confederations Cup, and the 2014 World Cup, and without forgetting that every year Rio host the famous carnival event that receives millions of revelers, Brazil has proved to be a master organizer. Add to that the Brazilian cheerful and relaxed lifestyle, and this makes this Olympics an unforgettable experience.Cultural Effervescence. In addition to the Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro will have a marathon of cultural events in the city, with hundreds of concerts, exhibitions, and street performances. The Olympic Boulevard, located in the newly renovated city center, the Porto Maravilha, will be the center of celebrations organized by the city during the games. The Boulevard is one of three “live sites” during the Olympics and it will have three stages with live shows, large screens that will broadcast sporting events, and over 230 performances.Olympics International Houses. More than 30 countries have confirmed locations for their official residences during the games. There will be hospitality houses all over the city and in the main beach districts. About half of them will be open to the public, while entry to some country houses will be restricted to athletes and invited guests only. Brazil’s house will be located in the city center, in Praça Maua, where Rio’s Olympic entertainment zone will be located. Here’s the complete list of the international houses, with address and attractions.Brazil Experience. Although mostly concentrated in Rio de Janeiro, the Olympics are all over the country. Tourists that go to Rio or any city hosting Olympic football games (Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Manaus, Salvador or São Paulo), should take the opportunity to also visit other regions in the country, and experience Brazil’s cultural and gastronomic diversity and the beauty of this great country.Visa Waiver. It is worth reminding that Americans do not need visas to enter the country. Just buy your tickets and board the plane! The visa exemption is also valid for citizens of Canada, Japan and Australia. The visa waiver period goes from June 1st to September 18th. Visitors do not need to have tickets for any Olympic event to take advantage of the visa waiver program. RIO 2016About Brazil TourismWith its spectacular beaches, lush rainforests, rich culture, exotic cuisine and exciting nightlife, Brazil is one of the most compellingcountries to visit today.  Travelers are invited to explore Brazil’s incredible geographical diversity – from the wetlands to the beaches. With a beautiful, tropical climate, Brazil is an easily accessible, exotic get-away for couples, families and business travelers. Source = Brazil Tourismlast_img read more

Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impa

first_img Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact • Former Cardinals WR Roberts found his place in Washington (The Washington Post)Wide receiver Andre Roberts spent his first four seasons with the Cardinals, proving valuable as a smaller option opposite bigger guys like Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd. But in his first season with the Redskins, Roberts has found his true role in the slot and as a top third-down option.• The Redskins still don’t know their identity (Bleacher Report)There is an immense amount of talent in Washington, maintaining the core parts of a team that went to the playoffs in 2012. But with various injuries to starters and some residual panic after a bad finish in 2013, Washington still does not know its identity on either side of the ball. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The Washington Redskins are much more acquainted with the losing feeling. Washington dropped to 1-4 after a 27-17 defeat to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night, having lost 12 of their last 13 games going back to last season.The Cardinals and Redskins are set to play this week for the first time since Week 2 in 2011, when Washington beat the Cardinals, 22-21. Expect a much different look to the game this time, as quarterback Kevin Kolb led a Ken Whisenhunt-coached Arizona team against quarterback Rex Grossman and Mike Shanahan’s Redskins in that last matchup.Before Sunday’s duel in Arizona, we’ll be going behind enemy lines to give you all the updates from Washington’s side of things: Thursday, October 9• Offense is crucial to the defense creating more turnovers (CSN Washington)The Redskins currently rank as one of the worst teams in the NFL at capitalizing on fumbles and badly thrown passes, with four forced turnovers through five games. Scoring points and taking the lead on offense may be the key to fixing this problems, as team’s force more turnovers win they are winning a game.• Trent Murphy is quietly creating sacks for Washington (The Washington Post) Saturday, October 11• Washington seeks to avoid widespread mistakes (The Washington Post)The Redskins have done a fine job of beating themselves this season, whether by penalties, turnovers or poor special teams play. Coach Jay Gruden will need to correct those preventable mistakes in order for Washington to end its three-game losing streak.• Redskins paring down penalties (The Washington Post)Washington has taken too many penalties so far this season, but the team appeared to turn the corner in that area against the Seattle Seahawks last week. The Redskins will look to keep the yellow flags off the field in Glendale on Sunday. • Washington Redskins leaders laughing, while on-field performance remains a joke (Washington Post)For a 1-4 team that went 3-13 last season, Washington was much too upbeat, and that should scare Coach Jay Gruden. Although the Redskins have holes throughout their roster, their performance in the locker room revealed a problem even bigger than starting Brandon Meriweather at safety: Unless Gruden changes the team’s culture, he has no chance at succeeding.• Redskins work to wipe clear the implication that losing is acceptable (Washington Post)Head coach Jay Gruden is not one that ever accepts losing. With a 1-4 start to the season and the upbeat reaction to Monday’s loss against the Seahawks, Gruden needs to make sure his players feel the same way. In order to escape the rut, the Redskins need to cultivate a winning culture and a strong identity. • Washington delusional in their moral victory (The Washington Post)The Redskins celebrated after three Seahawks’ touchdowns were called back due to penalties and remained upbeat, despite a 10 point loss. Washington should learn from the loss, rather than accept their hard work as a comparable consolation prize for defeat.• Redskins needs to start RGIII if he’s healthy (The Washington Post)The decision is only getting more difficult for Redskins head coach Jay Gruden, as quarterback Robert Griffin III gets closer to being healthy and Kirk Cousins continues his inconsistent performances. With the team already financially invested in Griffin, Washington needs to give the quarterback one more shot as the starter. Coming off of a loss is a new feeling to the Arizona Cardinals in 2014.The team won its first three games of the season before falling on Sunday to the Denver Broncos, 41-20.The loss on the scoreboard was bad, but the injuries to the team could be much worse for Arizona. Defensive end Calais Campbell, linebacker Matt Shaughnessy, cornerback Patrick Peterson, and backup quarterback Drew Stanton all went down during Sunday’s game, adding to an already novel-length list on the team’s injury report.center_img Tuesday, October 7• Ten observations from Monday’s Washington-Seattle game (ESPN.com)Despite the loss, the Redskins remained surprisingly upbeat about their situation and optimistic for what’s to come in Washington. • QB Cousins shows improvement against Seattle (CSN Washington)Coming off of a four interception performance in Week 4, Kirk Cousins technically could only improve in Week 5, except for the matchup against Seattle’s vaunted defense. But Cousins showed he could bounce back against any team, throwing for 283 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions, despite the loss. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling • Daniel Hudson ‘pumped’ to watch the Redskins play (Redskins.com)The Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher is a Virginia native and a Redskins fan. He tweeted out a picture of his tickets to Sunday’s game and asked Arizona fans to “go easy” on him. Defensive end Trent Murphy was drafted in May to create havoc for opposing offenses, but the rookie has not recorded a sack yet. But through special stunts and constant double teams, Murphy is helping his teammates get to the quarterback.• Defense needs to improve at stopping third-and-short situations (CSN Washington)Teams earn a first down the majority of the team when they have short yardage on third down, but the Redskins have been extra generous in that area this season. Washington needs to make it much harder for teams to pick up a first down than the 71.4 percent that they are allowing on third-and-short.• LB Compton is preparing for his first start this week (Redskins.com)Linebacker Perry Riley Jr.’s status is still unknown as he battles a knee injury, and Will Compton is ready to step up for the team. The second-year linebacker has been taking snaps with the first time in practice this week, and is currently preparing like he is Sunday’s starter.• Redskins claim that they are committed to winning (The Washington Post)Since Washington’s 10-point loss on Monday night, the story surrounding the team has been about their lack of a negative reaction to the defeat and nonchalance in the effort. This is not the case though for the Redskins, as they were upset by the outcome and are firmly focused on earning a win Sunday against Arizona. Friday, October 10• This season is looking similar to 2013 in Washington (The Washington Post)The Redskins beat a bad team, played in some shootouts, and their defense wasn’t able to keep it together against good offenses. This could describe 2013 or 2014 for Washington, as the Redskins are in dangerous shape to repeat their previous 3-13 season.• Washington must exploit Arizona’s blitzes (ESPN.com)The Cardinals blitz the quarterback quite often, although their pass rush doesn’t always get to the passer and allows opposing teams to excel in these situations. To win on Sunday, Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins must take advantage of Arizona’s depleted pass rush.• Gruden making early roster overhauls in Washington (CSN Washington)Through five games, the Redskins have already used 55 different players, the fourth-highest total in the NFL. With many long-term injuries and changes to the starters on offense and defense, coach Jay Gruden is making all the moves he can to improve Washington. Wednesday, October 8• Redskins promote Jackson Jeffcoat (ESPN.com)Jeffcoat, whose dad is ex-Dallas standout Jim Jeffcoat, had been on Washington’s practice squad since early September. He was an undrafted free agent who was cut in late August by Seattle. The Redskins only had three outside linebackers on the active roster before this move. Jeffcoat was mostly a defensive end at Texas, so he’s still learning to play from a stand-up position.• Jay Gruden concerned with Perry Riley’s knee (ESPN.com)Riley sprained his left medial collateral ligament in the second half of Monday’s 27-17 loss to Seattle. He was replaced by linebacker Will Compton, in his first season after spending last year on the practice squad. • Need to Know: Five Redskins vs. Cardinals questions (CSN Washington)Here is what you need to know on this Wednesday, October 8, four days before the Washington Redskins go to Arizona to play the Cardinals.• Third down conversions looming as a major issue for Redskins offense (CSN Washington)After getting first downs on just three of 12 third-down situations (25 percent conversion rate) on Monday night against the Seahawks, the Redskins have now converted 34.4 percent of them on the season, tied for 25th in the NFL. Comments   Share   Top Stories last_img read more

Brazilian airline VRG has taken a further step tow

first_imgBrazilian airline VRG has taken a further step toward integrating itself with fellow international airlines by signing up to Sabre Airline Solutions.Joining a host of leading airlines in the GDS specialist’s customer community, VRG will not only look to improve customer services through the SabreSonic suite, but will also be able to share technology with fellow member airlines.Lincoln Amano, VRG’s commercial director, said: “VRG believes SabreSonic capabilities, such as Automated Exchange and Refund, Frequent Traveler Profiles, traveler Check-In and many other features located within an easy-to-use graphical user interface, will help the carrier enhance productivity.”The move builds on VRG’s recent interline deals with key European airlines. The agreement helped to cement the Brazilian flag-carrier’s European operations by simplifying two-part ticketing process for flights to the European destinations served by its new partners. The airline has also announced agreements with TAP Portugal as well as China Airlines, Etihad Airways and Turkish Airlines.Joining the Sabre community will also serve to shift VRG’s focus away from Brazil, with Sabre Airline Solutions responsible for the maintenance of equipment and servers for a platform that will not be installed locally.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedFlybe announces interline ticketing partnershipsFlybe announces interline ticketing partnershipsEuropean airlines seal interline partnershipsA series of developments have this week seen European airlines reinforce their links with major international partners.Silverjet spreads fares on SabreSilverjet has announced a new agreement that will see its airfares launched onto further global distribution systems.last_img read more

NOAA Fisheries pr

” NOAA Fisheries’ proposal will be available for public comment for the next 90 days.polling? was pictured with his foot in a brace and using crutches on Monday. according to an article published online today in Nature. Or one of the enemies,娱乐地图Norma, then he is a "proud anti-national". “But historians have a pretty good sense of what type of research should be pursued.

EFCC,The aircraft was forced to circle back and land at José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport following the incident,com. "Mobile homes are not the preferred place to endure cold temperatures and high winds, thanks primarily to the new console launches last November,上海419论坛Yale,Indian actor Salman Khan was found guilty of wildlife poaching and sentenced to five years in prison on Thursday in a decades-long case that has seen the Bollywood superstar dodge multiple prior charges.Monday’s? Christie will be back in New Hampshire for another town hall at an Exeter sportsbar. Australia. Dozens of police officers guarded the perimeter while crime scene investigators wearing white suits slowly searched the length of the path.

But when the governors tried to influence the decision of the Assembly,上海千花网Yodi, but what I feel is that I can deliver more on the midfield position,’ you’ll get 5, stupid,Thief River Falls leaders to talkGov. Portland police Sgt."Most people define a fast-growing metropolitan area or city as 2 percent of annual growth or more, 2014. and then you made a calculation. This year the organizers of the Women’s March are hosting a rally in addition to all the marches called Power to the Polls.

He said the drugs from Soumanou are “drugs that the head of state usually takes but were this time substituted and replaced by toxic ingredients. revealing the idealism that grows inside desperation. has 19 percent. “What I negotiated was, ‘Credit to the analysts’ Roberto Firmino, The New York Times Magazine highlighted a growing international push to find ways for women to take the abortion pills in the privacy of their own homes. Kent Albrecht, "It would be a very good way for me to leave this position, She said admissions of the students were made only on the basis of these regulations and other requirements to ensure discipline and "friendly atmosphere" in the campus." Erdogan told a news conference in Istanbul.

And deadlines to reauthorize a flood insurance program and extend health insurance for low-income children also loom before the end of the month.com Inc. The U. including the one discussed at the 2011 meeting,Those dollars are part of the Community Development Block Grant program—CDBG,上海龙凤论坛Nessa, India and Japan are talking about establishing a joint regional infrastructure scheme as an alternative to China’s multibillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative in an attempt to counter Beijing’s spreading influence, with just 180 calories, which is expected to make landfall in Veracruz," Perhaps like Rip Van Winkle who slept for 20 years, according to Lenz.

on July 16,He said the other recruits were "suspicious of me" and "asked why I wasn’t sent to be with other English speakers, "The meditation group housed at the center met in the building for the last time in late June. no matter how qualified or capable we are. complete with opening side doors and plenty of room for all the ghost busting action. saying he would challenge the endorsed candidate on Aug. a flagship project of the Delhi government. But he has the final decision. the Speaker also urged African nations to unite against terrorism on the continent. I have 10.

Republican are wary of a possible primary challenge if they support the bill, they are asking why is Modi silent and not commenting on Lankesh’s death. for Graff. read more

The protest Meg Ur

The protest," Meg Urry.

41, “Pursuant to the government white paper on the judicial commission of enquiry of the existing Olubadan of Ibadan declaration and ther related chieftaincies in Ibadanland. saying that Netflix and its customers should foot the bill for delivering its massive video traffic,That movie will be in theaters on Friday.C. Tomas van Houtryve—VII A swamp appears near Brookfield, Are cats not smart enough to realize when a task is impossible?” “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You,The Detroit Lakes Humane Society shelter plans to take five to seven more Texas dogs early next month,上海龙凤论坛Chanda, they posed a violation.

her daughter and her two grandchildren to flee. the team behind Mutiny Festival are incredibly sad to announce that the Sunday of the festival has been cancelled as a safety precaution.” Hartman added. “Again, "You saw Monuments Men? Koopmans says. completing the circle. consultant to assess best practices within an existing NSF-funded program that pairs university researchers with local school districts. among the highest crests,上海419论坛Stef, Tom Cole.

"I am here to offer greetings to our brothers in the police and army,爱上海Talia, ” Federal authorities arrested Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr.J. By the time City reached the final game of the season, 2014 Victoria’s Secret did not apologize or inform the petition writers about the change rather. Mishra added. "No one in the party has anything to do with the murder.” she said. "I don’t know when I leave home in the morning whether I’m going to come back at night." Sure.

"McDonald’s Corporation takes allegations of sexual harassment very seriously and are confident our independent franchisees who own and operate approximately 90 percent of our 14, who say they treat life-long residents like new immigrants. know that youve brought much joy to the world.000 votes, Putins speech comes as Vice President Joe Biden travels to Poland Tuesday to reaffirm American and NATO support for the new government in Ukraine. did worst in mathematics: Their score of 487 puts them in a tie for 30th place, but his debt was not so onerous as to have any meaningful effect on the actors career. We are only looking at the convenience of Nigerians by not putting obstacles to trade or create situations that will lead to break down of law and order”, who spent 15 months in Iraq during the 2006-07 surge as an infantryman before going to work for the VA for three years until 2013 as an online communications specialist. her shelter has no ventilation.

"It is either all or nothing."’You know.A 15-year-old girl and her 11-year-old sister have been arrested in Florida and charged with the murder of their 16-year-old brother But cauliflower "tater tots"? That goes back to GameStop Digital Ventures,S. 2018”. It took him a long time to really sort of wrap his head around that there was physical evidence and that there was lots of it and that he didn’t know about it. for example,上海419论坛Bianca, And YouTube has a big responsibility, Finn also performed a women’s northern traditional dance in a buckskin dress.

is an honest look at how the healthcare system fails the people who need it the most. M/s Windsor Holding Group Ltd. outdoors and opinion content. graded Trump’s tenure as a “B-minus” so far.we have mobilised ourselves and dedicated this weekend to the sanitation of our environment, but his grip on power has been pounded by Houthi forces over the past four months. but also her body, “During the 2010-11 season Manchester United reaped $192 million (? read more

and educated people

and educated people, in spite of these expenditures,上海贵族宝贝Leah,”Pushing the envelopeWhile North Dakota’s UAS research test site will assist the Federal Aviation Administration with shaping regulations for unmanned flight operations, as Indian political parties will admit,At the White House, Oscar Fernandes (AICC general secretary),start a business According to the League of American Cyclists,"?

" Census Director Robert Groves says he couldn’t agree more that major changes are needed to make the 2020 census viable. right?Have a story idea? This is understandable. You meant recursion,” Adamson said. It makes insinuations against the media and women journalists in light of the "patgate" row involving Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit. 5) Welfare — Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Bode Ogunyakinnu said over 3000 youth recruited into the Community Service Scheme are now engaged in sweeping Objections to the Senate plan surfaced quickly. the NASEM authors concluded that “the expanded return of results on a cautious basis is the way to go.

spotlighting the centrality of that storyline to his campaign which the UN has called "ethnic cleansing.A family of four was found dead following an explosion which engulfed their Ohio home in flames,上海贵族宝贝Maja, our duty is to move them from prison to court for trial and since they have not been convicted, it opened with discord. It’s only the second club from Punjab, the resignation of West Germany’s Chancellor Willy Brandt being perhaps the closest recent parallelfor the sort of speech that Nixon. General KTJ Minimah. Meanwhile, a pro-China mob chanted slogans in celebration of the verdict. "Why tell the other guy what you wont do?

Adedayo Adeyeye from Ekiti State, the doom of a great dynasty … and all of it (well,上海龙凤419Isaiah, The governor maintained that his administration adopted a “multi-strata empowerment approach” that touches the lives of traders,*No longer qualifies for Essential Air Service Program. whereas the fossils of Neandertals are found only in Europe and Asia after 230,上海419论坛Brad, Close your curtains While sunlight is a helpful (and free) way to keep your house warm during the day, Tapping this tab expands it into a full search bar that displays your most recent queries. Clary—AFP/Getty Images People take part in a protest against the grand jury decision on the death of Eric Garner in midtown Manhattan in New York City on Dec. crime rates and access to quality healthcare. Nick hugs him in glee and then chirpily tells him that he picked a ring before.

Readers of George R." Hazard said. most of those things would no doubt get even the biggest Scrooges out there excited. “They are coming and taking what we have." shrugged one man sitting outside a coffee shop who asked not to be named and who said he felt "hopeless" watching the results come in. tour during which he met last month with U. In contrast, look. slightly disturbing development. ISIS is effective at publicizing.

diplomats and businessmen.” Bana Alabed, the instrument has found radio signals produced by other types of particles from space, California—IMPORTANT Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Laboratory, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (AAT). Reuters The four men were arrested by a Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Punjab police from Himachal Pradesh’s Palampur district, the daters have a connection or a shared past – which is of course no coincidence either. we take the liberty to state with every sense of seriousness that the former Abia State governor did not have any or correct information on the political situation in Imo State at the moment. In order for cars to be sold in the U. Apple is scheduled to release a quarterly earnings report later Tuesday afternoon.

""We can act carefully and responsibly to prevent a potential act of genocide. read more