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first_imgOctober 4, 2002 Exciting times atthe http://www.dot.state.az.us/news/school/adopt/adopt.htm constructionsite. The second to last batch of flat pre-cast panels for the secondfloor is being lifted into place. The panels were cast on a layer offine silt visible here under this panel in motion. [Photo: Nadia Begin& text: SA] One of the panels isguided into place. [Photo: Nadia Begin & text: SA] Once in place, eachpanel is secured with a set of braces until the planned poured-in-placewall next to it will keep the set of walls secured permanently. [Photo:Nadia Begin & text: SA]last_img

Netflixs share price rose 414 on talk The Walt

first_imgNetflix’s share price rose 4.14% on talk The Walt Disney Company is preparing a takeover attempt.A report from Wall Street newswire MarketWatch claimed Disney is circling new assets, and has set its sights on Netflix.This closely follows reports of Disney considering a takeover of social media platform Twitter, largely due to its growing video capabilities.Buying Netflix would give Disney the global market-leading subscription VOD player, and more than 80 million subscribers.Disney already owns 25% of Netflix rival Hulu, along with 21st Century Fox, NBCUniversal and Time Warner, but taking over Netflix would propel the Mouse House into another stratosphere internationally. Hulu retracted from the overseas market in 2014.The Netflix share price stood at US$102.63, up US$4.04 in a day upon the rumours. Disney shareholders reacted more cautiously, with the share price dipping 0.40% to end at US$92.49.Disney is already preparing to launch a subscription ESPN web service after investing US$1 billion in video streaming technology platform BAMTech. Acquiring Netflix would push this strategy on and increase the reach, which has been a concern to Wall Street this year.Last year, the company also launched DisneyLife, a Netflix-style service for children and families, which debuted in the UK and expanded into China – the one key market Netflix has failed to penetrate.Netflix, meanwhile, would benefit from Disney’s deep pockets, especially as it moves towards a 50-50 originals-to-acquisitions programming offer, and towards a more localised service in each of its 188 operating markets.Disney-owned Marvel Television already has an output with Netflix for superhero shows. It has so far delivered Jessica Jones, Daredevil and, most recently, Luke Cage.Disney declined to comment, while Netflix couldn’t be reached before press time.last_img read more

Questioned about when Labour will call a confidenc

first_imgQuestioned about when Labour will call a confidence motion, Mr Corbyn says he will be considering the situation when parliament returns in September #Ridge.Read more here: https://t.co/AOujv0J6tM pic.twitter.com/bbEof8HUFu— Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) July 28, 2019On Labour’s Brexit policy…Corbyn did not confirm whether Labour would campaign for Leave or Remain against its own deal.Are you now supporting a second referendum in all circumstances? “No deal we’ll oppose and we think people should have a final choice on it.  They can have a vote then between remain and whatever option Boris Johnson decides to put to them at that time…”Does Labour now back a second referendum in all circumstances? “What we’d say is there’ll be a second referendum to make a choice between whatever deal is arranged and what the public want.”Including a Labour deal if you are in power? “Yes, of course, the same thing would apply.”Are you going to be campaigning for Remain? What if Labour negotiates the deal? “Well we have got to get into office first to negotiate a deal, we’ve got to win an election first…” (later) “What we propose is actually a very good deal… That is what we put forward and that obviously is why I put it forward because my issue is also uniting people in the country. My party is the only one that had significant numbers of people who voted both Remain and Leave in the referendum.” Jeremy Corbyn says he was “upset at the feelings of our former staff” in the Panorama documentary on antisemitism in the Labour Party, but says he was also “upset at the way the programme was characterised and presented”.Read more here: https://t.co/AOujv10Hlk pic.twitter.com/Pnisx4Dc5A— Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) July 28, 2019On diversity in political parties… When asked about the diversity of the cabinet, Jeremy Corbyn says he welcomes diversity but says parliament has a “long way to go” before it properly reflects wider society #Ridge.Read more here: https://t.co/AOujv0J6tM pic.twitter.com/zdPKFe0A0c— Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) July 28, 2019 Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will campaign to remain in a second referendum in the event of a no-deal Brexit.But on how they would campaign if there was a Labour negotiated deal, he says “We have to get into power first”.Read more here: https://t.co/AOujv0J6tM pic.twitter.com/pLIJMY5Sau— Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) July 28, 2019On antisemitism and the BBC Panorama programme…Corbyn said he was upset by the programme and felt “very sorry and very sad” for the staffers who contributed and spoke of mental health problems. He outlined the reasons for which he did not want a fully independent complaints process.What did you think of it? “I was upset at the feelings of some of our former staff, what they said. I was upset by the way the programme was characterised and presented, and we have put in some complaints surrounding that.  I am very clear there is no place whatsoever for antisemitism in our society, in our communities or in our party.”Kat Buckingham had quit the party with nowhere to go and had a breakdown, Sam Matthews actively considered committing suicide, Louise Withers-Green was signed off with depression and anxiety.  How do you feel when you hear that? “I feel very sorry and very sad for them.  The first thing I did when I became leader of the party was to ask senior staff what processes were available for staff support because of stress at work.  Now this wasn’t about antisemitism, just the whole principle of stress at work, I feel very strongly about that and that support has to be there. Some of those people had to work very hard and were overwhelmed by cases, letters and so on and remember, our party membership virtually trebled.”Can you say totally that since Jennie Formby became general secretary there has been no interference by you or anyone in your office? “What we said is ‘get the cases done as quickly as you can in a timely, fair and legally sustainable manner’.”Why don’t you just set up an independent process? “Nobody else has an independent process in their organisations. What we do have is legal oversight of the process to ensure consistency in decision making and when the Equalities and Human Rights Commission concludes its report, we will obviously listen very carefully to what they have to say.  I do think there has to be a legally robust process. We also have a degree of independence in the party, there is something called the national constitutional committee which is completely independent of me and the national executive and they make the final decision.”Do you take responsibility? “I am the leader of the party therefore I must take responsibility for what happens in our party.” Can you guarantee that you will call a confidence motion before we leave the EU in October? “I can guarantee you this: we will do everything to prevent a no deal exit and we will do everything to challenge this government and we’ll do it at the time of our choosing.” Do you think Boris Johnson is racist? “Boris Johnson has said some awful comments about black children, about Muslim women and about people within our society and our community which I absolutely condemn.  I hope he will understand the hurt that caused with the remarks that he made.”Labour is now the only party that hasn’t had a woman leader. Is that something you should be ashamed of? “I’m not ashamed of it but there will be a woman leader in the future, I’m very sure.” Would you like the next leader to be a woman? “I’m not going to get involved in choosing them because I am very happy in the job I’m doing and I am very determined to win the general election so we get a Labour government but that Labour government will be gender balanced.”center_img Jeremy Corbyn says he is not ashamed that Labour is the only party who has never had a woman as leader, and says he is not going to get involved in choosing his successor.Mr Corbyn added “I’m fit, I’m ready, I’m raring to go” for an election, even if it’s in 2022 #Ridge pic.twitter.com/zRCphSn3L0— Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) July 28, 2019 Tags:Jeremy Corbyn /Sophy RIdge /Sunday shows / If you, like LabourList, took a break from politics over the weekend, you’ll want to know about Jeremy Corbyn’s interview with Sophy Ridge. Here’s what the Labour leader told Sky News on Sunday.On calling a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister…Corbyn did not reveal when Labour would put down a motion of no confidence, and suggested it would depend on Boris Johnson’s next Brexit moves.When are you going to call a no confidence vote in the Prime Minister? “Parliament goes back in September. I think it’s at that point that we’ll look at the situation there. But it’s also up to the Prime Minister what he decides to do as well, because if he’s trying to take us out on a no deal Brexit at the end of October we will oppose that.” When asked about accusations that black MPs who have been appointed to the cabinet had sold their souls, Jeremy Corbyn says “they’re Conservatives, they believe in conservatism, they’ve been appointed in their party. I’d leave it at that.” #Ridge pic.twitter.com/cwT1hqVHSz— Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) July 28, 2019On the next election…If that election isn’t until 2022, will you still fight it? “I am fine, I’m fit, I’m ready, I’m raring to go.”last_img read more