“I’m Back With Vigor to Work

first_imgThe re-appointed Commissioner of Caldwell, Madam Alexine Mendscole-Howard, has assured the residents of her vigor (strength) to develop the township.In an interview with the Daily Observer yesterday, April 21, at her office in Caldwell, Commissioner Howard indicated that her leadership will not go after residents who are engaged in spreading falsehood just to gain political relevance, but will work around the clock and develop every community in Caldwell.Her statement was in direct reaction to what she termed “misinformation” that residents in the township recently spread indicating that she abandoned her job during the height of the Ebola crisis.Based on the rumor, some of the residents reportedly recommended someone else to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to head the township.“I don’t have a problem with that because the President has the political power to hire anybody of her choice in government; but my being away was to seek further medical check-up, and I ask God to vindicate me from those lies against,” she explained.She maintains that why in the US undergoing medical treatment, she wrote a formal letter to the Superintendent of Montserrado County, and copied the Minister of Internal Affairs (MIA), informing authorities there that she was undergoing a serious surgery in the United States.She said being reinstated as Commissioner of Caldwell did not surprise her because her bosses were informed appropriately about everything she did.“All the propaganda they ran against me did not move me at all because on April 6, I received a letter from President Sirleaf stating that I had been reinstated.”Comm. Howard said it was another political plus for her and the people of Caldwell, “because I’m back with vigor to move the township forward.”“The idea crafted by some unscrupulous residents to steal and sell land that does not belong to them since they are tricky and crooked is not going to work with me and my staff,” she warned.Comm. Howard said she has announced to the residents that she is back so that the people in Caldwell will know that somebody has their interest at heart and that her administration will work with them to achieve their development objectives.Additionally, she said that her administration does not only have the interest of the residents at heart, but she has personally advocated for the Land Commissioner to establish a sub office in Caldwell to settle some of the land related disputes.She then called on residents to rally around her administration to ensure that the township is on par with other developing townships.At the same, Comm. Howard has declared that her administration will be more robust in dealing with issues of the township nowadays rather than being lenient administratively.She expressed gratitude to the President for affording her another opportunity to serve her people in the township.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Trade unions call on Govt to follow CCJ rulings

first_imgFollowing Tuesday’s landmark ruling by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), local trade unions have come out urging Government to respect the court’s decisions and for leaders to have consensus going forward.The regional court ruled that the No-Confidence Motion (NCM) was validly passed on December 21, 2018, and also deemed the unilateral appointment of the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) unconstitutional.Since then, calls have been pouring in from stakeholder bodies for the CCJ decisions to be accepted and respected. Joining these calls on Wednesday were the umbrella trade union bodies which called for consensus to be displayed by the political leaders.The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) noted that the rulings have been finally determined, and now the parties should show maturity and arrive at a consensus on the way forward.In its missive, FITUG viewed the landmark rulings as having provided final answers to important questions which have occupied the national space for many months now.“We were heartened that the CCJ has provided what we felt were clear and unambiguous answers to the questions that were posed. The FITUG, recognising that we have the answers we sought at hand, sees that we need to now put in place the necessary arrangements to address the consequences of the rulings to ensure that there is full compliance with the Constitution of Guyana,” the union body stated.The FITUG recalled previous commitments by the parties to adhere to whatever decisions the court handed down. But noted that now “some quarters” have now sought to import certain conditions to their acceptance, which, the trade union body posited, belie the initial commitment.“We hasten to call on all concerned that the rulings be accepted without the imposition of any condition whatsoever,” the missive stated.Furthermore, FITUG also recognised that the CCJ gave Guyanese leaders an opportunity to arrive at a consensual way forward ahead of Monday’s hearing for consequential orders regarding the rulings.“The FITUG certainly looks forward to this opportunity being fully grasped and maturity, at this time, be displayed as we seek to put Guyana and its people first. In our view, the rulings, which have provided clarity now and in the future as well, represent too, a decisive victory for democracy. The Federation cannot fail to point out that the road to restoration of democracy was long and arduous and one that was paved with the struggles of the Guyanese working people, among others,” the statement noted.Meanwhile, similar sentiments were expressed by the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC), which called for politicians to put the country first, adding that there should be no delays in arriving at a position that would best serve this country.According to GTUC, the CCJ order requires citizens uniting to hold politicians accountable to a higher political order and love of country- not just power.The trade union umbrella body pointed out that the Government, Opposition and Guyanese society are bound by the rulings of the CCJ and neither party can claim they were denied due process. It noted that this is not a time for triumphalism or an opportunity to create ethnic tension and divisions in society, but to instead rise to the challenge of building a better Guyana.According to GTUC, it is now time for political leaders, supported by all stakeholders, to come together in determining the way forward to provide a better Guyana for all.The GTUC also posited that the parties must appear before the CCJ Judges next Monday with a plan as to how the country would proceed, in the interim and after the elections, consistent with Article 13 of the Guyana Constitution.“It would be unfortunate to have the CCJ imposing on us what we are capable of determining. It would be an insult to our forebears who came together to fight common enemies and build Guyana. It would cast a dark cloud on our ability to unite for the common good and leave us vulnerable to internal and external destabilising influences. The jury is out now on the ability of Guyanese citizens to unite and hold the politicians of this country accountable to a higher order of politics and love of country, not just power,” the GTUC stated in its missive on Wednesday.last_img read more