AFC mandates leader to respond to Granger in “prescribed manner”

first_imgLocal Government ElectionsThe Alliance For Change (AFC) held its second National Executive Committee (NEC) Meeting for 2018 on Tuesday where a decision was taken to have its leader, Raphael Trotman respond to President David Granger in a “prescribed manner” on the issue of Local Government Elections.The AFC late Tuesday evening said the meeting was held at the Georgetown Club and was attended by members of the NEC, representatives from all the administrative regions and Diaspora representatives, including persons from Grenada who represented the AFC’s Caribbean Chapter.According to the party, Trotman reported to the meeting that on April 30, he received a response to the AFC letter dated February 26, 2018, which was sent to leader of the A Partnership For National Unity (APNU), President David Granger. The AFC letter outlined a number of matters, including the issue of the approach to Local Government Elections and the response from Granger proposed “a certain course of action.”“The NEC deliberated on this matter and mandated the leader respond to His Excellency in a prescribed manner. This will be done in the coming days and following the dispatch of that communication, the AFC will make a more detailed statement on the issue,” the AFC in a statement said on Tuesday evening.Last month, after months of uncertainty, AFC Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan said the party will be going into the LGE with the APNU under one ticket.“We have made a decision that we are going as a coalition. We have to thrash out a number of issues preferably in relation to candidacy candidates, and a number of other things,” he told the press, while noting that the AFC has noticed some unfortunate developments in the Georgetown municipality.Ramjattan was referring to the attitude of APNU Councillors, including Town Clerk Royston King towards AFC members, which he claimed is “bothering us.” The AFC Chairman indicated that statements in this regard have been made and will be officially raised through communication with APNU officials.In mid-January, Trotman had announced the possibility of the party breaking away from the APNU for this year’s LGE. The AFC leader went as far as to reveal that there was a strong opinion of body within the party that the AFC should go alone, which may have been prompted over delays with reviewing the Cummingsburg Accord.The AFC has, of recent, come under fire for the perceived submissive role it played when it joined forces with APNU. In 2017, top leadership of the AFC had decided to revise its governing agreement with APNU.last_img read more

Donegal-made thriller to have big TV premiere this Easter

first_imgA historical action film which was shot in Donegal is to have its television premiere on TG4 this Easter.The star-studded Aithrí/Penance features many local faces as extras in scenes shot in Ramelton, Carrigart, Golan and other parts of Donegal in 2016.There is sure to be a lot of local interest in the Irish TV premiere of Derry-based filmmaker Tom Collins’ work on Saturday 20th April at 8.55pm. Inspired by a short story from Pádraic Ó Conaire, ‘Aithrí/Penance’ tells the story of priest Eoin O’Donnell played by ‘Love/Hate’ star Peter Coonan, who recruits impressionable teenager Antaine to fight the British in 1916. Fifty years later violence travels full circle when seasoned gunman Antaine returns seeking vengeance. The film also stars Barry Barnes and Gerard McSorley.Aithrí/Penance. Image via Tg4Speaking after the announcement of the TG4 screening, Tom Collins said: “The screening of the film on TG4 offers the audience a chance to engage with a story about characters in an extraordinary situation, as they deal with the historic roots of today’s partition.”Watch the advert here:Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Produced by Derry based DeFacto Films and Edwina Forkin’s, Zanzibar Films, ‘Aithrí/Penance’, is produced and directed by Collins and co-written with Greg Ó Braonáin. Collins’ previous credits include ‘Kings’, ‘An Bronntannas’ and ‘An Béal Bocht’. Shot in Derry and Donegal, the film is supported by TG4, BAI, Fís Éireann (Irish Film Board), the Irish Language Broadcast Fund,  Northern Ireland Screen and Section 481.On the upcoming premiere, TG4 Commissioning Editor, Máire Ní Chonláin said: “TG4 is delighted to be screening the TV premiere of ‘Aithrí’ this Easter. This was a very ambitious project, with a wonderful cast and crew. Taking inspiration from Ireland’s challenging history and giving stories a contemporary twist has always been part of TG4’s ‘Súil Eile’, or alternative view on Irish life and this gripping film achieves that admirably.” Donegal-made thriller to have big TV premiere this Easter was last modified: April 9th, 2019 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:AithrífilmpenanceRameltonlast_img read more

Is Legal Hammerlocking the Way to Win a Scientific Controversy?

first_imgThe cartoon stereotype of a scientist as an unbiased truth-seeking nerd wearing a white lab coat is hard to reconcile with some recent events.  Not that the cartoon stereotype was ever realistic, but the row over Darwinism vs Intelligent Design (ID) shows just how biased and unethical certain people and organizations can behave in support of their side.  One would think a scientific controversy would involve the debating of evidence in the open marketplace of ideas (another cartoon stereotype).  But what if some participants work instead to prevent their opponents from even being heard?  Is making one’s opponent cry uncle a measure of scientific progress?Georgia: Stickers gone “for good”:  The Cobb County School District near Atlanta, Georgia thought they had a strong case for appealing the decision of Judge Cooper, who ordered stickers in high school biology textbooks calling for critical thinking on evolution to be removed (05/24/2005, bullet 6).  The appeals court did not rule on the constitutionality of the stickers.  Instead, it remanded the decision back to the local court on grounds the records of the lower court were incomplete.    In the meantime, though, the burden of legal proceedings and costs on the school board grew too great.  Weary from legal hassles and mounting costs, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the school said last month it was giving up.  It settled with the five parents who sued the school with backing from the ACLU, by agreeing to remove the stickers.  Not only that, they would never again apply any similar stickers, they said, and agreed to pay a third of the plaintiff’s costs: some $160,000.    The school board was not acknowledging fault by this action, as if they felt they had done something wrong or without merit.  Attorney Larry Taylor expressed his feelings to the paper in an editorial Dec. 21 (article reprinted on Uncommon Descent): “Once again, the potent combination of a liberal judge and the deep pockets of the American Civil Liberties Union have proved too much to overcome,” he said.  “…This case was never about questioning evolution.  It was about making sure it was taught honestly, fairly, accurately and completely – all of which the current textbooks fail to do.”  Nature (4 Jan 2007) agreed that the decision was pragmatic: “The school board had a right to appeal but decided to abandon the case, in part because of rising costs.”  CNN quoted the board chairwoman saying, “We faced the distraction and expense of starting all over with more legal actions and another trial.”  They just wanted to get it over with and start the year with a clean slate.  Attorney Brian Fahling of the American Family Association, according to Agape Press, regrets that the school board buckled under pressure.    Needless to say, the pro-Darwin side is rejoicing over this capitulation.  The NCSE justified the decision, and Science Now smirked that the stickers are “gone for good.”California:  Frazier Park a year later:  What happened since the Frazier Mountain High School capitulated to legal pressure in January? (01/25/2006)  In that case, also, it was not that the teacher or the school board felt that they had done anything wrong; they were concerned over the cost of defending themselves in court.  Even though they agreed in the settlement to “never again” offer a class that promotes creationism or intelligent design, the teacher had every intent of offering her “philosophy of design” class again this year, because “promoting” creationism was never the purpose to begin with.    Nevertheless, certain persons saw to it that it wouldn’t happen.  Though the people in the communities around Frazier Park are overwhelmingly conservative and supported the class, the only newspaper in the little mountain town is owned by a liberal pro-Darwinist.  She not only wrote articles strongly biased against intelligent design (example), and tended to print only letters of similar persuasion, but promoted anti-ID candidates in the school board election.  As a result, two anti-ID candidates won seats—one of them the plaintiff who had filed the lawsuit.  Ethics would demand he recuse himself over this issue because of a conflict of interest, but because the community appears weary of the controversy, it appears unlikely it will be discussed again any time soon.    Unfortunately for the pro-ID side, one of their allies, the district superintendent, had to quit his position over charges of ethical violations unrelated to the ID controversy.  The school board is now strongly stacked against the class and it is unlikely a repeat will be attempted again any time soon.    One pastor in the area says that the paper pushed the two anti-ID candidates ad nauseum and reported against ID with false information and bias approaching hysteria.  He said the people of the community tend to get excited over an issue for awhile but quickly tire of it.  Thus the anti-ID minority in this small mountain town gained the momentum against the majority—not by debate over the issues, but over legal pressure, threats and propaganda.Darwin’s arsenals:  Apparently not satisfied with their legal victories, or rather their ability to wear down the opposition, the pro-Darwin forces are ratcheting up their battle tactics.  Science this week (Netwatch, Jan 5) urged readers, “Become an Evo Warrior.”  What, pray tell, is an evo-warrior?  The news item pointed to an arsenal of evolutionary info at FASEB, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, which contains “pointers on meeting with public officials, testifying at school board hearings, and related topics” in case your local school board tries something like Cobb County or Frazier Park did, or even if your hometown newspaper runs an editorial in favor of intelligent design.  The site has sample letters to write, Powerpoint presentations, posters, cards and even buttons that proclaim “Teach Evolution – Learn Science.”Paper victory:  A congressional committee found evidence for harassment and discrimination by the Smithsonian against Dr. Richard Sternberg, who had allowed publication of a pro-ID paper in a Smithsonian journal (see Evolution News).  The report listed numerous examples of spying, plotting, lying, scheming and creating a hostile environment against Dr. Sternberg by Smithsonian staff with the NCSE’s help.  It is unlikely those charged will suffer any consequences of this report, however, or that many citizens will even know it exists.  The NCSE website makes no mention of the accusations against them in the report and shows no signs of changing anything they are doing.  Apparently there are no fines, penalties or legal consequences against those involved—unlike the large legal costs faced by school boards sued by the ACLU or Americans United for Separation of Church and State.  The report, headed by Republican congressman Mark Souder, only makes recommendations to Congress about what should be done to prevent such behavior by the Smithsonian in the future.  With the new Democratically-controlled congress in session, that will most likely not be on the agenda.It would seem that school boards intellectually prepared to debate evolution and ID lack the fortitude or budget to count the cost of protracted, expensive lawsuits.  Is Darwinism winning by pressure, then?  John West of the Discovery Institute, however, is encouraged by the events of 2006.  In his podcast for Dec. 25 on ID the Future, he listed reasons to believe Darwinism is imploding and ID is making headway – not the least of which is the apparent paranoia of Darwinism’s defenders.After the Darwin idol topples, we’re going to remember the litany of shenanigans and intimidation tactics of the Darwiniacs and hold it up for all to see.  Philosophers and historians of science are going to shake their heads over this one.  It’s hard to remember a time when people ostensibly committed to evidence, debate, logic and reason behaved so badly.  Where is the rationality, the intellectual dignity and integrity, behind Darwin buttons and Darwin Days and legal hammerlocks against poor local teachers who just want their student to hear both sides of one of the biggest scientific controversies of our time?  This is crazy.  They don’t have a philosophical or historical leg to stand on for believing Darwin’s fairy tales and insisting that people can’t hear anything else.   Whenever the Darwiniacs have tried to debate the evidence in a fair exchange they have almost always walked away with dodo droppings on their heads.  No wonder they are paranoid.  Notice that nothing in the Darwin Party’s reaction deals with scientific evidence.  It’s all about strategizing to silence anyone who opposes them.  If they can only win by threatening with their ACLU attack dogs and silly propaganda games, how can they look at themselves in the mirror?  The evidence, meanwhile, marches on (example).(Visited 10 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

How to Accept Darwinism: Deny Reality

first_imgLeading Science Magazine Questions Realityby Jerry Bergman, PhDThe New Scientist cover story from August 3-9, 2019, reads, “Reality: The Greatest Illusion of All.” It is subtitled, “How Evolution has Blinded us to the Truth About the World.” I have often come across this theme in my reading. It usually goes like this: ‘The world, especially all forms of life, look very much like they were designed, but this is an illusion because we know that all life and the universe itself evolved.’[1] The author of the New Scientist article, University of California Professor Donald Hoffman, extends this logic further, writing that Darwinism inevitably fools us, because “evolution ruthlessly selects against truth strategies.” As a result, “An organism that sees objective reality is always less fit than an organism of equal complexity that sees fitness pay-offs. Seeing objective reality will make you extinct.”[2]Evolution ruthlessly selects against truth strategies —Donald Hoffman, evolutionistYes, this quote is accurate! (I have yet to figure out,  however, exactly what it means.) It would seem an organism in tune with objective reality should be more fit than an organism of equal complexity that does not see objective reality. Indeed, not being able to see objective reality would be more likely to cause an organism to become extinct, wouldn’t it? Richard Dawkins’ adds to the confusion with this well-known quote from his book The Blind Watchmaker: “Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose.” He quickly explains in this passage that he thinks design is an illusion.[3] “Natural selection is the blind watchmaker, blind because it does not see ahead, does not plan consequences, [and] has no purpose in view,” he preaches. “Yet the living results of natural selection overwhelmingly impress us with the illusion of design and planning.”[4]This presents a conundrum. How can Dawkins know the difference between reality and illusion? If his reality is an illusion produced by evolution, then he cannot step out of that reality to judge that it is an illusion. The illusion would be his reality. He would need a Yoda Complex on an exalted plane to look down on reality and tell the difference between the two. But his Yoda Complex would be the ultimate ev-illusion, compounding his fantasy. —Ed.Evolutionism is a lens through which Darwinian scientists see all of reality. But according to their own epistemology, evolution distorts reality. (This distortion is not limited to Darwinism. Another article in New Scientist concludes, “An alarming amount of [scientific] research is flawed” because of subconscious biases.[5]).Deny Honesty, TooJames J. Krupa, a Kentucky University professor, confirms his own bias when it comes to imparting evolution to his students. His mission is not to educate, but to indoctrinate. In my upcoming book Darwinism Is the Doorway to Atheism, I quote him saying,all too many people interpret the phrase evolutionary theory to mean evolutionary hunch. Not surprisingly, I spend the first week of class differentiating theory from fact, as well as defining other critical terms. Some colleagues ask why I bother… I remind them that evolution is the foundation of our science, and we simply can’t shy away from explaining it. We don’t avoid using the “g-word” when talking about gravitational theory, nor do we avoid the “c-word” when talking about cell theory. So why avoid talking about evolution, let alone defending it? After all, as a biologist, the mission of advancing evolution education is the most important aspect of my job.[6]Colleagues told him that his life would be easier if he backed off from hisrelentless efforts to advance evolution education. Maybe so. But to shy away from emphasizing evolutionary biology is to fail as a biology teacher. I continue to teach biology as I do, because biology makes sense only in the light of evolution.Given this commitment to evolutionism, some teachers and professors rationalize deceptive practices by thinking that the ends justify the means. Some evolutionists even approve of using falsehoods, if the result is more students believing in evolution.2 Bora Zivkovic is one such evolutionary indoctrinator. According to one evolutionary ‘True Believer,’ this professor at North Carolina Wesleyan College thinks it is perfectly OK to teach some “inaccuracies” if they help to persuade students to accept evolution.4 He explains that, in order to convert students to evolution, professors firsthave to bring them over to your side, gain their trust, and then hold their hands and help them step by step [to embrace Darwinism]. And on that slow journey, which will be painful for many of them, it is OK to use some inaccuracies temporarily if they help you reach the students. If a student … goes on to study biology, then he or she will unlearn the inaccuracies in time. If most of the students do not, but those cutesy examples help them accept evolution, then it is OK if they keep some of those little inaccuracies for the rest of their lives.[7]While teaching with big lies or half truths, he knows he has to “to tread carefully” because he istrying to make them ….  understand evolution even if they do not want to ‘believe’ it … I first teach about cell, heredity and development, which gives them (and me) tools for coverage of evolution. Then I explain evolution using insects as an example before ending with … humans…. Then I cover Origin of Life, evolution of diversity and current diversity. But I do not leave evolution behind when I move on to ecology, behavior and physiology either. More easily this time, but sometimes a little more ‘sneakily’ if I know I have Creationists in class.[8]So the key is to move ‘sneakily.’ Bora Zivkovic has been called “one of the most influential people in the science blogging world.” This quote was widely publicized, and even some evolutionists objected to what they rightly judged as deceit. Many evolutionists unconsciously, or even consciously, employ Zivkovic’s strategy when teaching or supporting evolution, but few will openly admit it. Of interest is the fact that Zivkovic was recently charged with inappropriate[9] behavior with women.[10]Many Other Examples Exist of Darwinian Fraud and ForgeryThe history of evolution is replete with examples of fraud and forgery. A few examples are documented in my book Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries.[11] This book contains 20 chapters, 18 of which cover a separate example, specifically:Darwin’s blunder has been falsified: Evolution is true, but going backwards.The pervasive problem of fraud and forgery in paleoanthropology.The rise and fall of two putative first life-forms: Bathybius haeckelii and Eozoön.More paleoanthropology fraud: The cases of Aimé Rutot, Charles Dawson, and Viswat Jit Gupta.Pithecanthropus alalus, the missing link that never existed: A failed attempt to prove evolution.The human facial angle blunder to prove evolution and the human race hierarchy.The failed attempt to use fingerprints to prove evolution and race inferiority.The Ancon sheep blunder: A now falsified proof of macroevolution.Darwin’s peacock tail proof of sexual selection myth.A century-old fraud debunked: Haeckel’s Biogenetic Law.The Piltdown Man hoax: The most infamous blunder in science.The Hesperopithecus debacle: The human-ape link that turned out to be a pig.The ape-to-human evolution progression: The most common evolution icon is a fraud.Human-ape hybridization: The failed attempts to support Darwinism.Java Man: A creature between apes and humans, an extinct ape, a primitive man, or?Modern fossil forgeries exposed: The Confuciusornis and the Archaeoraptor fossil forgeries.Evolutionary throwbacks: Atavisms, another tragic chapter in the history of Darwinism.Why the problem of fraud exists in science today.I am now working on a second book that covers 20 more examples of fraud and foolishness that resulted from Darwinism, titled Lobotomies, Dangerous Radiation and Other Foolishness Inspired by Darwinism which includes the following eleven:Frontal Lobotomies: a Darwinism Mental Health Holocaust [see my 22 Jan 2019 article].Phrenology: A Tragic Myth Behind Darwinism.Dangerous Blood Test Used to Prove Evolution Fails.The One Gene-One Trait Myth Exposed.Using Dangerous Radiation to Speed Up Evolution.Proving Evolution by Fraud: The Paul Kammerer Case.The Tasaday Darwinian Stone Age People Hoax.Evolution’s Population Bomb has Bombed.The Neanderthal Blunder.A Book Inspired by Darwinism Triggers a Wave of Repression Around the World [see 26 April 2019].What the Cold-Water Cure Teaches Us About Darwin.ConclusionsMany other examples could be provided to document the fact that the fruits of Darwinism are problematic and have caused a great deal of evil in the world, not the least of which include the eugenics movement and Nazism. Below are 9 books that further document my thesis.  Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview: How the Nazi Eugenic Crusade for a Superior Race Caused the Greatest Holocaust in World History. 2012. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada: Joshua Press.The Darwin Effect: Its influence on Nazism, Eugenics, Racism, Communism, Capitalism & Sexism. 2014. Green Forest, AR: Master Books. The Dark Side of Charles Darwin. 2015. Green Forest, AR: New Leaf Press. Fossil Forensics: Separating Fact from Fantasy in Paleontology. 2017. Tulsa, OK: Bartlett Publishing.Evolution is the Doorway to Atheism. 2019. Southworth, WA: Leafcutter Press.Science is the Doorway to Creation: Nobel Laureates and Other Eminent Scientists Who Reject Orthodox Darwinism. 2019. Southworth, WA: Leafcutter Press. Useless Organs: The Rise and Fall of the Once Major Argument for Evolution. 2019. Tulsa, OK: Bartlett Publishing. The “Poor Design” Argument Against Intelligent Design Falsified. 2019. Tulsa, OK: Bartlett Publishing.God in President Eisenhower’s Life, Military Career, and Presidency. 2019. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock Publishers.References[1] New Scientist. August 3-9, 2019.[2] David Hoffman, New Scientist. August 3-9, 2019, p.36.[3] Richard Dawkins. 1986. The Blind Watchmaker. New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company, p. 1.[4] Richard Dawkins. 1986. The Blind Watchmaker. New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company, p. 21. Emphasis added.[5] Sonia van Glider Cooke. 2016. The Unscientific Method. New Scientist April 16, pp. 39-41.[6] March/April 2015 issue of Orion. Emphasis added.[7] Why teaching evolution is dangerous. . and Darwinian Fundamentalism. Emphasis added.[8] See Ref. 6.[9] Corie Lok. 2007. Science blogger Bora Zivkovic. Nature. January 22. Online at[10] Laura Helmuth. 2013. “Don’t Be a Creep: Lessons from the latest terrible, sad, fascinating scandal in the science blogging world.”[11] Atlanta, GA: CMI Publishing, 2017.Dr. Jerry Bergman has taught biology, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, anthropology, geology, and microbiology at several colleges and universities including for over 40 years at Bowling Green State University, Medical College of Ohio where he was a research associate in experimental pathology, and The University of Toledo. He is a graduate of the Medical College of Ohio, Wayne State University in Detroit, the University of Toledo, and Bowling Green State University. He has over 1,300 publications in 12 languages and 40 books and monographs. His books and textbooks that include chapters that he authored, are in over 1,500 college libraries in 27 countries. So far over 80,000 copies of the 40 books and monographs that he has authored or co-authored are in print. For more articles by Dr Bergman, see his Author Profile.(Visited 1,393 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Travel Bug® Travels – The Video

first_imgShare with your Friends:More Click here for the latest active geocache count on (updates every 15 minutes)Let’s celebrate the crisscrossing global journey of thousands and thousands of Geocaching Travel Bugs. The Travel Bug Travels video shows the movements of each and every Travel Bug in Geocaching history as it moves around the world from geocache to geocache.  Can you find your Travel Bug? Watch and share this video to wow your friends with the worldwide phenomenon of Geocaching. [vsw id=”2nJ_GHVY7aI” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]There’s much more to see and experience as we close in on the 2 millionth active geocache. Check out and share the Geocaching Celebrating 2 Million Active Geocaches infographic for a look at some of the wonders of geocaching.You can also see the evolution of geocaching since 2000 by watching the video below. Watch and share 2 Million Geocaches in 1 Minute.[vsw id=”IfU3blexL7o” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”] SharePrint RelatedThank you to the Geocache Hiders Video – Celebrating the 2 Millionth Active GeocacheFebruary 27, 2013In “Community”Celebrating Two Million GeocachesFebruary 27, 2013In “Community””Basics of Hiding a Geocache” A Lost & Found VideoDecember 21, 2010In “Lost & Found Stories”last_img read more