NASA sends laserengraved Wheatley from Portal 2 into space

first_imgWith all the sales that Valve has had on Steam, I think it’s more surprising to find someone who hasn’t played, or at least heard of the Portal series of games. That’s certainly not the case at NASA where there’s at least one fan of Portal working on staff.That person remains anonymous, but they did get in touch with Valve last week to inform them Wheatley, the “artificial deuteragonist” from Portal 2 voiced by Stephen Merchant, is being, and has now been sent into space.The panel you see in the image above includes a laser-engraved image of Wheatley that forms part of the Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV-3) resupply craft. The craft launched on Friday with its destination being the International Space Station. Wheatley will likely become a permanent addition to the ISS when the HTV-3 arrives in a little under a week.In total, the HTV-3 craft is carrying 4 tons of supplies set to reach the ISS on July 27. As you can see in the video below, the launch on Friday went smoothly at the Tanegashima Space Center in the south of Japan:As this is a Japanese operation carried out by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, it seems likely the engraving was carried out by one of their staff rather than by NASA directly.We can only guess at what device Wheatley has ended up being a part of, but we do know the HTV-3 carries the SERVIR Earth-observing camera system and five nanosatellites that make up the Japanese Exploration Module-Small Satellite Orbital Deployer. Maybe the engraving will be visible on one of them.Read more at Think with Portals and Space Fellowshiplast_img read more