AFC mandates leader to respond to Granger in “prescribed manner”

first_imgLocal Government ElectionsThe Alliance For Change (AFC) held its second National Executive Committee (NEC) Meeting for 2018 on Tuesday where a decision was taken to have its leader, Raphael Trotman respond to President David Granger in a “prescribed manner” on the issue of Local Government Elections.The AFC late Tuesday evening said the meeting was held at the Georgetown Club and was attended by members of the NEC, representatives from all the administrative regions and Diaspora representatives, including persons from Grenada who represented the AFC’s Caribbean Chapter.According to the party, Trotman reported to the meeting that on April 30, he received a response to the AFC letter dated February 26, 2018, which was sent to leader of the A Partnership For National Unity (APNU), President David Granger. The AFC letter outlined a number of matters, including the issue of the approach to Local Government Elections and the response from Granger proposed “a certain course of action.”“The NEC deliberated on this matter and mandated the leader respond to His Excellency in a prescribed manner. This will be done in the coming days and following the dispatch of that communication, the AFC will make a more detailed statement on the issue,” the AFC in a statement said on Tuesday evening.Last month, after months of uncertainty, AFC Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan said the party will be going into the LGE with the APNU under one ticket.“We have made a decision that we are going as a coalition. We have to thrash out a number of issues preferably in relation to candidacy candidates, and a number of other things,” he told the press, while noting that the AFC has noticed some unfortunate developments in the Georgetown municipality.Ramjattan was referring to the attitude of APNU Councillors, including Town Clerk Royston King towards AFC members, which he claimed is “bothering us.” The AFC Chairman indicated that statements in this regard have been made and will be officially raised through communication with APNU officials.In mid-January, Trotman had announced the possibility of the party breaking away from the APNU for this year’s LGE. The AFC leader went as far as to reveal that there was a strong opinion of body within the party that the AFC should go alone, which may have been prompted over delays with reviewing the Cummingsburg Accord.The AFC has, of recent, come under fire for the perceived submissive role it played when it joined forces with APNU. In 2017, top leadership of the AFC had decided to revise its governing agreement with APNU.last_img read more

Cranes preps for Tanzania enter day three

first_img Tags: 2019 AFCON QualifierstopUganda Cranes Cranes players going through the morning session on Wednesday (Photos by FUFA Media)LUGOGO – With just over a week to the last AFCON qualifier against Tanzania, the Uganda football National team, the Cranes on Wednesday conducted their third training session with 28 players available.SC Vipers players finally joined the others, a day after they were knocked out of the Stanbic Uganda Cup at Lugogo by Proline.Meanwhile Police’s duo of Juma Balinya and Paul Willa didn’t participate in the training session because they were hosting Paidha Black Angels in the StarTimes Uganda Premier League, on the same day.Mbarara City’s Ivan Eyam also missed the session because his club also were facing Ndejje University in the League.The session involved ball work, body stretching drills under the Head Coach Sebastian Desabre and his assistant Matia Lule.In other news, right winger Herbert Bockhorn might wait longer before making his long awaited debut for Uganda Cranes.Bockhorn suffered an injury set back, just 11 days to the Uganda Cranes away match against Tanzania Taifa Stars.Also Denis Iguma won’t be among the cranes team because of injury and he will be replaced by Kerezistone Ntambi.The selected nine local players will join the other foreign based in Cairo Egypt for a residential camp until they set off for Tanzania on the 23rd.Players who attended training:Sebwato Nicholas (Onduparaka Fc), Saidi Keni (Sc Villa), James Alitho (URA FC), Charles Lukwago (KCCA FC), Obenchan Filbert (KCCA FC), Samson Mutyaba (Maroons FC), Kizza Mustafa (KCCA FC), . Godfrey Walusimbi (Unattached), Timothy Awanyi (KCCA FC), Mbowa Paul Baker (URA FC),Mujuzi Musitafa (Proline FC), Halid Lwaliwa (Vipers SC), Hassan Wasswa Mawanda (Unattached), Sadam Juma (KCCA FC), Eyam Ivan (Mbarara City FC), Tadeo Lwanga (Vipers SC), Okello Allan (KCCA FC), Owori David (Sc Villa), Allan Kyambadde (KCCA FC), Poloto Julius (KCCA C), Kaddu Henry (KCCA FC), Madondo Joel (K-Jinja SS), Bashir Mutanda (Sc Villa) Michael Birungi (Express FC), Moses Waiswa, Dan Sserunkuma, Tadeo Lwanga, Halid Lwaliwa (Vipers SC ), Mujuzi Musitafa (Proline FC), Bright Anukani (Proline FC)Players who didn’t attend:Willa Paul, Balinya juma (Police FC), Rashid Toha (Mbarara City, Ivan Eyam)Comments last_img read more

Warriors’ Steve Kerr joked team is “light years ahead” since Durant-Green argument

first_img* * *Subscribe to the Mercury News and East Bay Times for $40 a year and receive a free Warriors championship coffee table book* * *LOS ANGELES – The last time the Warriors arrived at this city, they did not look like a championship team. Instead, they became a star-driven team plagued with infighting and injuries.Draymond Green and Kevin Durant sniped at each other. Green escalated the argument over a playcall by daring him to leave the Warriors when he plans to become a free agent this …last_img

What’s New in Android Market’s Major Overhaul

first_imgOn Friday, Google announced that its Android Market will soon receive a major update. Over the next two weeks, a brand new Android Market client will be rolled out to all devices running Android version 1.6 or higher. For the most part, the update is a user interface redesign that introduces new categories, improved navigation, app content ratings and more. However, there are a few features that will be important to both developers and users alike, including a change to the refund window and additional device targeting capabilities.While welcome, these updates may not be all Google has in store, only those it’s revealing for now. Android Developer Ecosystem chief Eric Chu teases via blog post, “we’re not done yet…stay tuned.”For users, the client update will deliver some helpful changes that will make the Android Market easier to navigate and use. Says Google, these include the following:New Features for UsersNew Carousel on the Home and Category Screens: The new carousel will let you flip through promoted applications and then immediately go to the download page for those apps. Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement App Info on Single Page: Instead of having to flip through different tabs, all app info is now on a single page. Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces sarah perez The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Related Content: The application details page will now include Related content, which will direct users to similar apps. Changes for DevelopersDevelopers should be aware of the following:Content Ratings: As noted above, there are new content ratings for apps. ?If developers don’t update their apps with an appropriate rating, they will be tagged “Mature” automatically.Reduced Refund Window: Also noted above, the refund window was reduced to 15 minutes. Google says this will help developers manage their businesses more effectively. Device Targeting by Screen Size and More: Developers can now target devices by screen size, density and even GL texture compression formats.Maximum APK File Size Increase: APK files can now be as large as 50 MB in order to better support richer games, says Google. Are More Updates Coming?While many of these changes are either user-interface related or minor but welcome upgrades, Google says it’s “not done yet” and that the Android Market will be rapidly enhanced for both users and developers in the “coming weeks and months.”These soon-to-launch updates will probably include features like the promised OTA (over-the-air) app installs and Google Music offering, as demoed at Google I/O, but we know many developers are hoping for official in-app payment support instead. Content Ratings: Google introduced a new content ratings system for apps, which includes categories like All, Pre-Teen, Teen and Mature. Reduced Refund Window: The refund window for applications is now 15 minutes. Google says that the majority of users who request a refund do so right away, so this change won’t be noticed by most. Related Posts Tags:#mobile Other New Categories: Although light on the details, Google says it will also add more categories for “popular applications and games” in the coming weeks. What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Two New Categories for Widgets and Live Wallpapers: To better highlight the third-party widgets and live wallpapers, these apps will now have their own categories within the Market.last_img read more

The Data-Driven Future Of Journalism

first_imgRelated Posts Everyone seems to assume that Jeff Bezos, the founder of, spent $250 million on the Washington Post as some kind of hobby or charitable move. And some question whether he even has a plan on how he’ll run the newspaper.Tech investor Keith Rabois, whom I recently hosted at our ReadWriteMix event in August, has me rethinking those assumptions. When I pinned Rabois down on where value was going to be created in the future, he answered, “Data science.”In other words, not just the accumulation of data enabled by the ever-growing amounts of computing power, bandwidth, and storage we have available to us, but the smart application of it to reshape products, businesses, and industries in a continuous cycle of evolution and improvement.In the tech world—the world where Bezos made his fortune—it’s taken for granted that one should use data about how people use a product to make that product better and introduce new features. What if we actually did that in the media world—without sneering, without gritting our teeth, and without oversimplifying the enormity of the task?“Data Journalism” Needs A Redefinition The term “data journalism” has come to have a narrow definition of “reporting using publicly available data sets.” That seems woefully insufficient on two counts.First of all, any good reporter ought to use all sources of accurate information and all available tools to vet and analyze that information. That includes databases and tools to manage and extract insights from them. We need not call this “data journalism”: It’s just journalism.Second, reporting is necessary but not sufficient to commit acts of journalism. A reporter needs coconspirators: editors, photographers, and designers. Since we’re online, let’s add to that list product managers, engineers, and data scientists. Data ought to inform the entire operation that creates the product, not just the newsgathering.In particular, the notion of data journalism seems to have devolved into a very narrow concept of hyperlocal reporting driven by municipal databases: a laudable effort, but such a small and often inconsequential application of a powerful idea.Don’t get me wrong: I’m delighted that someone is putting restaurant health-inspection reports on an interactive map. It’s just that we as journalists have so much more to do with our own data.A Conversation With Readers, In Bits And BytesWhat data is that? Why, it’s chiefly the interactions our readers have with us—reading, commenting on, and sharing our stories. Every story we publish creates a massive trail of data exhaust. But we let much of it dissipate like the San Francisco fog on a sunny afternoon.Here’s an example: The other day, I checked Chartbeat, one of several analytics tools, and noticed a spike of traffic to an old story we’d run about downgrading from Apple’s beta version of iOS 7, its mobile operating system, back to iOS 6. Since everyone expects iOS 7 to be out later this month, I couldn’t see a reason why people were suddenly flocking to the story—unless something had unexpectedly gone wrong with the beta test.ReadWrite reporters Selena Larson and Adriana Lee went to work, finding ordinary users as well as developers who’d been affected and locked out of their phones. We rapidly debunked conspiracy theories that Apple was locking out nondevelopers from the beta. (Technically, only registered developers should have had access to iOS 7, but where there’s a will, there’s a digital way.)Instead, we determined that the combination of an expiring older version of beta, some unexplained failure of automatic updates, and an out-of-service activation server forced users to downgrade.Mobile editor Dan Rowinski followed up with analysis of how this beta release, the first since the ouster of Apple mobile-software executive Scott Forstall last year, seemed particularly troubled.Listening To What Your Readers Say—And DoListening to your readers is as old as publishing letters to the editor. What’s new is that Web analytics create an implicit conversation that is as interesting as the explicit one we’ve long been able to have.Why did people read a story? How did they find it? What did they think of it?These are fundamentally human questions that have dogged storytellers since the dawn of literacy. There is nothing new about them.We simply have better tools to get answers these days, if only we’d use them.Analytics have a bad rap in the publishing business because of their use—misuse, rather—at entities like Demand Media and the Huffington Post. Remember the infamous headlines posing the question, “What time does the Super Bowl start?”Even The Onion’s satirists have blamed analytics-chasing for CNN featuring Miley Cyrus’s twerking performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards at its top story—a parody so cutting that CNN Digital’s real managing editor felt obliged to deny writing the piece.Data Power Should Be In Editors’ HandsI’d argue that tail-chasing search-engine optimization and short-term pageview-chasing are the result of leaving data in the wrong hands—engineers more interested in algorithms than humans, Internet opportunists chasing dollars, and overworked editors too far down the masthead tasked with delivering quantifiable results.What we need as an industry—at the very least, what I’m trying to create at ReadWrite—is not a slavish adherence to data, but an interest in it as a proxy for the real human beings who make up our audience. Buried in the metrics is a telegraphic signal from those people—an attempt to communicate, to reach out and connect and guide us toward better stories and better ways to tell them.We need better metrics, to be sure. A pageview is the crudest possible approximation of the interaction between a writer and a reader. How much time do they spend reading? At what pace do they scroll down the page? Do they read continuously or jumping back and forth between paragraphs? Do they follow related links and come back to the page—or wander off?How do they find stories? Search terms are worth looking at, but they form the beginnings of questions, not answers. What do they reveal about our readers’ interests and passions? How do they frame questions about a topic? What do they already know, and what background do they need to enter into an ongoing story?Suggestions, Not CommandsWhen I speak in public, I watch the audience for feedback. Are they leaning forward or back? How rapt are their gazes? That guides me to do a better job.It’s no different online—or at least it shouldn’t be. Analytics are tools for listening. Data about our audiences is feedback—it doesn’t provide marching orders.But should it sway us when we’re thinking about areas to explore? Can it suggest what a good follow-up might be? Does it nudge us to go deeper on a topic than we’d initially planned to? I think those are all valid ways data can influence journalism.Ultimately, you need to have an idea of what your publication stands for and who you are as a journalist. Minus those lodestones, data can provide no guidance. But if you know who you want to reach and what you hope to do for them, there’s no question in my mind that data can help you fill in the map as you travel to your destination. owen thomas Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#analytics#Data Journalism#journalism#media#Online Publishing#Web publishing center_img A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

Gov’t to Place Focus on Falmouth

first_imgPrime Minister the Most Hon. Andrew Holness says the Government is focused on developing Falmouth into a world class destination, where its rich culture and history are fully utilized.He noted that through the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ), significant investments will be made to transform Falmouth “into what undoubtedly will be the gem of the Caribbean.”“This is a town that has a wealth of assets in terms of its culture, sites of interest and its architecture. However what defines Falmouth best of all is its people. The people … are the heartbeat of everything that we see here,” Prime Minister Holness said.He was speaking to the media at the Falmouth Cruise Ship Pier in Trelawny, following a tour of the town centre on January 26.The Prime Minister emphasised that through partnership with the residents, vendors, craftspeople and other stakeholders, the Government will transform Falmouth into the mecca of tourism in the Caribbean.“What we are trying to do with the PAJ and other agencies is to ensure that brand Jamaica is on full display where both locals and visitors can enjoy. It’s not that we want to create enclave investments. We want to make the entire town a place where both locals and visitors can enjoy world class facilities in an intelligently planned environment,” Mr. Holness added. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Holness noted that the cruise shipping industry has recognized the value of Falmouth.“The challenge however is that the pier and the rest of the facilities are literally cut off from the rest of the town. The rest of the town is not keeping with the standard of this facility,” he stated.Prime Minister Holness added that he has a lot of confidence in the PAJ’s commitment to fulfilling its mandate and ensuring that the people of Jamaica get the desired results from their hard earned tax dollars.last_img read more

Afghanistan accuses Pakistan of air strikes

first_imgAn Afghan child receives treatment at a hospital after Monday`s airstrike in Kunduz province, Afghanistan 3 April, 2018. Photo: ReutersAfghanistan on Thursday accused Pakistan of air strikes causing “huge financial damages” in its province of Kunar bordering Pakistan, highlighting long-standing mistrust between the neighbours, even as both seek ways to improve security.The incident came ahead of a visit to Kabul on Friday by Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi for talks with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on cooperation to halt militant attacks.Pakistani jets dropped four bombs on Wednesday evening in Kunar’s Dangam district, Afghanistan’s ministry of foreign affairs said in a statement, without elaborating on the damage or making any mention of casualties.”Afghanistan warns that continuing violations of international norms … will have further consequences on the relations between the two countries,” the ministry added.Pakistan rejected as “baseless” the allegation that it violated Afghan airspace, however.In a statement, its foreign affairs ministry said Pakistan’s security forces were countering militant groups based in Afghanistan that launch attacks across the border.Military officials of the two countries met on Thursday in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi, where Pakistan shared details of the operations with Afghanistan, it added. The operations took place on the Pakistani side of the border, Pakistan said.Afghanistan should focus on plugging gaps on its side of the border and refrain from the “blame game”, the ministry said.Afghanistan’s Western-backed government has long accused Pakistan of harbouring Afghan Taliban insurgents, a charge that Islamabad denies.Islamabad, in turn, accuses Afghanistan of not doing enough to eradicate Pakistani Taliban militants, many of whom are based in Afghanistan and mostly carry out attacks inside Pakistan.last_img

Shimul Biswas asked to surrender within two weeks

first_imgShamsur Rahman Shimul Biswas. UNB File PhotoThe High Court on Monday directed Shamsur Rahman Shimul Biswas, special assistant to BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia, to surrender within the next two weeks before the lower court in a case filed for obstructing law enforcers from discharging their duties, reports UNB.The HC bench of justice Jahangir Hossain and justice Md Riaz Uddin Khan passed the order after Shimul Biswas sought bail in the case. He filed the bail application on 7 July.Senior lawyer Khandakar Mahbub Hossain and Masud Rana stood for Shimul Biswas and deputy attorney general Jahid Sarwar Kajal represented the state.The case was filed on 16 November, 2017 with Shahbagh police station on charge of obstructing the law enforcers from discharging their duties while the BNP chairperson was on her way to a Dhaka court in a case filed against her.Lawyer Masud Rana said the name of Shimul Biswas was included in the charge-sheet of the case on 20 November, 2018.last_img

Sangeet Niketan celebrates 67th annual day

first_imgSangeet Niketan, one of the Delhi’s oldest and reputed institution, organised its 67th Annual Celebration at LTG Auditorium, recently. Dr Nandini Sharma, Councilor – MCD South Delhi, marked her presence as the chief guest of the event. Among the other guests, Hari Chand Verma, President, Jawahar Nehru National Yuva Kendra, Delhi, Mamata Chaturvedi, Medha Bhargava and Ashok Rai were spotted at the venue.The institute is known for imparting education in the field of classical dance and music. Speaking of the event, Chakarvarthy Ram Mohan Rai, Principal of the institution, told that staff and students of all three branches of the school (East Delhi, Old Delhi and South Delhi) presented a number of cultural programmes. Sangeet Niketan was established in 1950 by a famous artist Late Gulab Raito to promote classical dance and music in the country.last_img

Travelports Trip Assist gives travel agencies branded mobile app within weeks

first_img BOSTON — Travelport says its new mobile product for travel agencies and TMCs, Travelport Trip Assist, “enables travel agencies to meet the expectations of today’s mobile-first customer” with mobile travel capabilities such as flexible itinerary management, real-time communications and day of travel assistance.Already available in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Traveport Trip Assist is getting its North America launch this week. “Customer engagement via mobile is now critical for agencies of all sizes and we believe that the business travel industry and business travelers are not yet well-served,” said Fergal Kelly, CCO of Travelport Digital. “We are delighted to offer Trip Assist to TMCs and travel agencies as part of Travelport’s continuously expanding range of services. The increasingly connected traveller expects support throughout their trip.”Travelport, parent company of Worldspan and Galileo, cites an eMarketer study that shows digital travel sales in the U.S. this year reaching $189.62 billion, 40% ($75.85 billion) of which will come from mobile devices, up 16.7% from 2016. By 2019, digital travel sales will surpass $200 billion for the first time, and by 2020, mobile travel sales alone will surpass $100 billion.More news:  Virgin Voyages de-activates Quebec accounts at FirstMates agent portalKelly says Trip Assist provides agencies with more opportunities to connect, support and engage end-travellers at every stage of their journey, providing a seamless, trusted and personalized mobile customer experience in line with the expectations of today’s ‘always-on’ traveler.Trip Assist provides:Personal digital travel concierge serviceSmart itinerary managementDay of travel assistancePush-notification remindersReal-time alertsAbility to call an agent from within the app“These features ensure continuous engagement throughout trips with more opportunities for the agencies to guide, influence and connect with their customers en route,” says Travelport.Trip Assist also includes Travelport Engage, a flexible mobile messaging tool which delivers personalized travel updates during and after every trip.“Real-time assistance is always at hand – with the tap of a finger, travelers are connected directly to a support agent. Traveller engagement is the main focus with later features planned to encourage user control via the ability to request flight changes, select preferred seating and the ability to synch trip information with personal calendars from within the app.”More news:  Save the dates! Goway’s Africa Roadshow is backTo view a live demo of Travelport Trip Assist and find out more about the product, agencies can request more information and a one-to-one demo at: Posted by Tags: Technology, Travelport Monday, July 17, 2017 Travelweek Group center_img << Previous PostNext Post >> Share Travelport’s Trip Assist gives travel agencies branded mobile app “within weeks”last_img read more