Troop turfed as TO2015 top

Ian Troop, CEO of the 2015 Pan Am games has been fired. The Toronto Star is reporting that Troop was dismissed over leadership issues. He’s also been under fire recently over his expenses and salary. The Liberal government has received backlash for a $7 million dollar bonus package for Pan Am executives, including Troop.He was paid a base salary of $390,000 last year, plus an $87,000 bonus. If the games came in on time and on budget, Troop would have been eligible for a $780,000 bonus.Former Ontario deputy health minister Saad Rafi has been appointed the new CEO and will take over for Troop in January.David Peterson, chair of the 2015 games has released a statement saying “I’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to Ian for all of his hard work, his commitment and his contributions.”Photo: Laurier Alumni website

Backlash as Fire Brigades Union votes in favour of gender selfidentification

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Prominent female union members from across the country have sent a letter to the executive committee expressing major concerns about the proposals, which they warned “may compromise the privacy and security of women in the workplace, and risk unpicking advances that were fought for over many years.”They include Sian Griffiths, one of the first women to join the force, and who founded the FBU Women’s Committee.Yannick Dubois, chair of the FBU’s LGBT group, claimed there had been a lot of “scaremongering” about the GRA based on misunderstanding.She said: “Self declaration means going through a long and complex process. People don’t go through it just so they can use the women’s toilets.” “But these rights should not be in expense of women’s rights. We need an open and frank discussion but in doing so, we need to consult women.” Over 30 women firefighters have signed a letter calling on the FBU to oppose proposals on gender self-declaration. The proposals “may compromise the privacy and security of women in the workplace, and risk unpicking advances that were fought for over many years.”They are right.— Paul Embery (@PaulEmbery) September 18, 2018 The Fire Brigade Union has recommended that male firefighters be allowed to identify as female, prompting a backlash from some female members.The all-male national executive voted on Thursday night in favour of allowing gender self declaration by eight votes to three, the Telegraph understands. The vote will now  go out to each region to consult on.Female members say they were not consulted and warned it will have huge implications for women, who make up just seven per cent of the force, regarding changing facilities and single sex dormitories.They claimed the chair of the national women’s committee had proffered her support ahead of the vote without consulting the FBU’s 2,000 female members.And they expressed fears that women-only facilities, for which they had “fought tooth and nail” could be abused or used as a means of bullying or intimidating women.Lucy Masoud,  a London regional official and London’s LGBT secretary, said: “We absolutely understand that the Gender Recognition Act is in need of reform and transgender individuals should have rights and be protected and understood. read more