Jiangsu 15 intelligent manufacturing projects with you into the incredible Era

technology continues to progress, especially in the field of intelligent development, so that we have more imagination, and hope that all this can be achieved in the future. Sitting in a driverless car, the vehicle sensing system to know the road environment, automatic planning and control of the vehicle route to reach the intended target, this picture, so that people look forward to unlimited. December 8th afternoon, the three day of the world intellectual Manufacturing Conference in Nanjing in 2016 closing.

"wired" magazine editor in chief, the godfather of the Internet · Kevin, Kelly was invited to deliver keynote speech. He believes that unmanned need 5 years, China is expected to become the first country to achieve commercial driverless cars. It is understood that the General Assembly attracted a total of 90 thousand people attended the exhibition, Jiangsu has signed a total of 15 intelligent manufacturing cooperation projects.

future car has many cows

Chinese is expected to become the first commercially available unmanned vehicle state; vehicles will usher in a private custom era; car Internet system can give real-time vehicle examination and upgrade, there are problems in the big data platform to solve without going to the service center…… read more

The popularity of tea TOP5 ranking million yuan investment of 5 square meters shop to make mad

tea is known as the new era of drinks are popular in the world, the domestic tea market is also growing rapidly, from all over the streets of the tea shop can be seen. In 2013, tea production reached 2 million 50 thousand tons, the market share of almost carbonated drinks, bottled water, to become China’s beverage market Dao Liangli landscape.

tea in just a few years on the hot half Chinese, appeared to join the system so that the industry became the norm, but in the tide of brand can not help but want to how to choose the dragons and fishes jumbled together, in the tea industry business friends do not know. Today, the investment adviser on the synthesis of nearly 3 years of development of the tea industry, to bring the best tea store TOP5 list.

TOP1: excellent tea beauty tea

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nvestment in 2015 to do what is recommended suction gold project

2015 investment to do? You must have thought about this problem more than once In today’s fierce competition, it is really important for entrepreneurs to find a good project. 2015 investment to do? Small series is now recommended for you to become rich project.

2015 investment to do? Laundromat

the coin operated washing machine, dry cleaning machine, washing process by the consumers themselves, plus 1 hours of washing drying, convenient, fast, health, suitable for college near the hospital, residents concentrated residential areas, densely populated areas such as hotels, open. The project in Japan, Korea and Europe and the United States and other developed countries has been very popular, but in the country has just started, so the prospects are very broad. Initial purchase of equipment, hire facade start-up funds need 200 thousand yuan.

2015 investment to do? Milk bar

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How to operate the business of men’s casual pants

today’s casual pants are very popular with the vast number of consumers, which also makes the development of the field of casual pants in this field is increasingly favored by the majority of the crowd. Now to join the men’s casual pants industry chain is also a lot of people, there are already a lot of entrepreneurs who harvest success. The first time engaged in casual men’s trousers industry chain entrepreneurs, some skills in the operation of the shop is essential.

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Noodle shop shop process which

many people are tired of the way they are now, they want to do some business, usually from the noodle shop. The noodle shop franchise business opportunities, this small shop most business investment projects will open noodle stores, especially in the north, the noodle shop stores more entrepreneurs welcome, generally small noodle shop stores is relatively easy, but there are also many considerations, will join the most detailed noodle shop flow to share with you today, I hope you shop faster, the shop as early as early money

noodle shop shop process: a lot of choice

1. community: the main object of the community is the family, the decoration is good, taste good, the environment is good enough, good enough service, the basic community will be able to make people frequented. Of course, there is no similar premise around the shop,.

2. business district: office workers gather, usually lunch. Must pay attention to hygiene, otherwise the young white collars will not appreciate. Taste is absolutely better, or how else than other hotels. read more

Pet shop name to abide by the rules

pet is now in the status of the family is getting higher and higher, so, professional pet service for pet shops is naturally more and more. If you want to get the recognition of consumers, a proper name is very necessary. However, if you want to pet store up a suitable name, you need to bear in mind the relevant rules. Pet shop name need to remember those rules? It is important to open a pet shop name, spread and development of the pet shop want fast, pet shop name is also very important, you need to follow the rules?

1. fonts simple, easy to see


pet store name, font must be concise, easy to read, let a person do not use some of the strokes gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, cumbersome names, such as unsightly, and difficult to understand, memory is not conducive to the customer. And the use of some simple text fonts but the effect will be better.

Less than

2. words, catchy

pet shop name, to avoid a long string of words, especially some with a taste of the name. Such words are hard to remember and difficult to understand. The name to use fewer words, catchy name. It is best to be in the 5 Chinese characters, which is the most appropriate word name. read more

What kind of college students do poineering work

now Chinese college students are all over the floor, is no longer as before as long as students are scarce talent. Chinese people’s educational level is generally improved, but also brought the corresponding problems, that is, the phenomenon of Chinese college students are generally difficult to obtain employment. How to solve the difficult employment of college students is increasingly concerned by the community. After putting forward the slogan of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, college students’ entrepreneurship has become a new phenomenon. But what kind of project is more suitable for college students?

college students start a good project: cake shop

baked food is very popular with people, especially cakes, sweet taste, fragrant cream, a lot of people like to eat. College students to choose what project? Open a cake shop in the future, the development of the cake industry will be faster and faster, combined with this point to open a cake shop, operating together to get a higher return. read more

The thirty one cause of death in life and you share failure

looked at others are successful, and no matter how hard or so? Why? The great tragedy of life is hard to but ultimately failed! The following are thirty-one successful summary of the fatal cause of failure, control yourself, might be able to get from what to write, small series can be collected and hope to share with you:

The genetic background of

A, unfavorable. People born with mental retardation, there is no way to think. The only remedy is "work".

two, the lack of clear goals, no clear goals, there is no hope of success, in 100 I was analyzed in 98 individuals without this goal, perhaps this is the main reason for their failure.

three, the lack of ambition and ambition, no matter what. Those who do not want to progress and unwilling to pay the price, there is absolutely no hope of success.

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Open home franchise chain sales promotion skills

cannot do without any project marketing methods, so it is Home Furnishing store, as people’s living standards, the traditional Home Furnishing industry is facing a transition period, so for entrepreneurs to manage Home Furnishing store will be fully prepared. Open Home Furnishing shop right join promotion tips is essential, open Home Furnishing joined supplies chain, as long as the ability to earn money, longer than the promotion, now some consumers in the purchase to spend considerable Home Furnishing activities, Home Furnishing joined the goods industry in the rapid development, home supplies to join the market potential.

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How to improve the paint shop

paint shop business is good, often decided to paint in the hands of the painter, therefore, if you want to successfully open a paint shop, it is necessary to do a good job with the painter. However, how does the paint shop do well with the painter?

first, painter rebate how to?

a lot of paint dealers know to paint it industry rebate, but how specific is appropriate to grasp this is a matter of degree, only to grasp the "degree", we can not only give decorators rebate, and earn money for their stability; general painter kickbacks to look at the local market in particular, just paint Shop agents, we can understand the local market and make their own paint, give rebate schemes painter.

1, a fixed amount of painters such as: rebate; second tier brands to 30-50 a barrel of rebates, many owners can accept the price of paint, then we can in other brands to paint rebate increase 30-50 block, that is to say, other brands to the 30, we will give the early 60, due to the there is enough space rebate to help, the painter can we sell our paint brands; only if enough money, the painter to paint products to our cause. read more

Want to successfully run the cosmetics store must take these two steps

with the people’s consumption level and improve the quality of life of modern people for beauty care demand is more and more, so to open a cosmetics shop is a good choice, but want to get involved in the industry have a certain degree of difficulty, how to run a cosmetics shop? The following two aspects investors must first clear:

cosmetics store operators to pay attention to a certain business model

cosmetic industry sales channels in the future, should be the stores and large department stores, supermarkets three foot tripartite confrontation situation. The department store counters is really a high line, attract some high consumption groups; they are supermarket development ideas, big and complete products to sell products for cover and contain everything, and profits; cosmetics store operation to be successful, must take different routes, to the unique business ideas, so small and fine, in addition to the sales characteristics of the products, but also provide more intimate service for the customer, so that in the fierce competition in the market has a space for one person. read more

How to keep a good entrepreneurial team

for entrepreneurs, want to have a good team, first of all should know how to retain talent. Only to ensure the flow of talent, in order to allow the future of the road to go more smoothly. Let Xiaobian tell you, a good entrepreneurial team how to retain people.

1, the first value. Recruit people do not use money to attract people, for the money is also easy to go for money, venture has a risk of low, short-term earnings is not normal, but the difficulties encountered for the money is more likely to retreat. I was to the technical team is lower than the industry level of security for a living wage, 4-5 partners full-time and more than and 20 part-time team are no wages, we believe that we are doing a meaningful thing, as for the return of value, things made, money is just accessories. In this state, we have been together for more than 1 years to 2 years.

2, to tell you that the business is not a matter of quick success. Reference to the team before the words: "we have the psychological question: what time can be effective, in order to make Bourne Tracy! There is a simple rule for the definition of success, we must understand the law: 28. That is the 80% time the efforts will be successful in the last 20% years! According to this theory, our 5 year plan, there will be 4 years of hard work, success in fifth years! So we must have the correct understanding, ready. 5 years, if we can do it, the pace is fast. read more

What kind of entrepreneurial team can get the favor of VC

in the current era of entrepreneurship, relying entirely on their own independent funds are not many, many are through venture capital financing. However, it is not what kind of entrepreneurial projects can be recognized, what kind of team can get favor. So, what kind of entrepreneurial team can get the favor of VC?

The relationship between

entrepreneurs and VC is a pair of quarrelsome lovers, a good time together, regardless of you and me, bad time to blame each other, do not buy it all. For entrepreneurs in the context of the Internet, the company has acquired the rudiments of VC, get much VC, is the key to the success of entrepreneurship. So what kind of entrepreneurial team to get the favor of VC?

The "double

" entrepreneurial environment, the flag fluttering in the wind. With the lowering of the threshold of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is no longer a distant dream, but to make the enterprise bigger and stronger, but far from easy. For entrepreneurs, the need to deal with the relationship between the right to deal with the relationship between venture capital (VC), has become a priority for entrepreneurs. read more

Turnaround students start earning 200 thousand

with the increasing pressure of employment, more and more college students out of the school gate is no longer looking for work, but to create their own business, and strive to break out of their own life! But entrepreneurship, when a lot of difficulties, the said of an aged person, let us together to see a college student to profitability, earning 200 thousand examples!

in Entrepreneurship in the army, there are also shook the arena to exit the. 1995 graduated from the College of railway, Central South University, Yan Lihong is undoubtedly one of the best, he not only operate their own international brand bathroom living museum, but also create a customer buy mode, the steady development of the cause. But three years ago, his career and landslide, stocks lost 160 thousand families, almost; now, in their own special group purchase shop on the bathroom, he conceal his smile, told this reporter that "now I sometimes can earn tens of thousands of January".

fought in the business field for many years, Yan Lihong hope that through their own experience to inspire those students 80, 90, entrepreneurship is not imagined so smoothly, to make it ready, only one way to succeed. read more

How to operate the dessert franchise to make money

now with dessert market development, dessert stores how to operate to make money, how to make dessert stores more profit, this is all investors most want to know, today Xiaobian for you to share business entrepreneurs to make money through the dessert stores.

dessert how to operate in order to make money? The first is to do a close confidant of the operator, the dessert is mainly outside the staple food supplement, the object is generally a high demand for dessert, strict taste of consumers. Be a careful operator, try to be a friend of the consumer, to understand their preferences, insight into their psychology. This allows entrepreneurs to provide thousands of kinds of food provided by the headquarters, the effective selection of the consumer psychology of the dessert, which can increase the volume of sales by increasing customer orders. For dessert, women and children are an important source of consumers, they are more interested in the more rare dessert, buy more. So do a close confidant of the operator, concerned about the psychology of consumers, the product taste on the foot of the effort to increase the delicious fresh dessert is very important. read more

How to develop the T industry

now the employment pressure of college students is more and more big, but still keep the high speed development of the Internet, there is a great demand for the people, this proves that the development prospect of the IT industry is attractive, has a great potential for development, the development prospect of it down to the bottom to understand.

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Jewelry franchise business secret you know

as a jewelry store owner, you are also thinking about how to improve performance? In the face of fierce market competition, how do you want to do it? Open jewelry stores in the industry in order to gain the upper hand, it is necessary to learn some skills, followed by a small series together to look at the jewelry store franchise tips.

existing products

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