Location skills on the location of those things stall

stall is a way to start a business, especially for the lack of sufficient funds for small entrepreneurs, this is a shortcut. A lot of people from the stall began, starting from scratch, through hard work, the final success of the wealth of labor and rich social experience, put the stall site to grasp the following key:

Lots of large passenger flow are as follows:
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What are the successful experiences of male entrepreneurs

has, in fact not only is in the life, the road of entrepreneurship is the same reason, we take a look at what the boys experience in business success on the occasion?

1, starting out of their own subjective and objective requirements of the strong, driven by their own internal motivation.

if the business as a try or impulse, not to leave the posterior consciousness, it is impossible to play their own potential, will start in the end.

2, to find a common ideal with their own, but has been successful in the direction of the people.

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How to join the project of investment characteristic stationery

now has a lot of consumers are very optimistic about the learning supplies industry, as long as there are students, there will be demand for these products. This is a feature of the development of the industry, if you pay attention to the choice of investment in stationery products, will not be wrong.

stationery projects favored by investors, many investors want to invest in office stationery to join the good investment projects, the premise of continuous development in today’s market, a good investment project is the premise of making money, stationery stores, so we have chosen to join the project investment stationery.

especially school equipment procurement season, major shopping malls, supermarkets, stationery counters, digital products area everywhere shaking students and parents of the figure, the business is hot.

by opening opportunities, many shopping malls, stationery stores are playing the sale of advertising to attract the student customers. Stationery stores, the reporter visited the major supermarkets found that almost all supermarket stationery counters are early ready goods, the layout of the eye-catching banners, also want to use to buy one get one free, exercise books and pens and other stationery sales discounts to mix. read more

What is the main reason for leaving the Spring Festival

why will the Spring Festival after the departure tide? The beginning is often the peak of employee turnover in the enterprise, Xiaobian visited the survey found that in Shandong city of Dongying Province, after the Spring Festival, the new wave of leaving the incoming tide. Many respondents said that after leaving the year can not only receive the year-end bonus and bonus, but there will be a lot of units after the organization recruit people, job opportunities are relatively more.

8 day, after the Spring Festival second working days, Chen Zhenzhen’s colleagues have been put into a new year of intense and orderly work. For Chen Zhenzhen, after 90, but a little leisure. 8 days of the start of the Chen Zhenzhen into the left read more

How to improve the profitability of home textile fabric store

market has a lot of fabric home textile stores, many businesses are new, they also want to learn how to improve store profitability, but suffer from! Xiaobian compiled a few suggestions to provide reference. I hope to help franchisees learn some practical skills to make the business more smoothly.

first, give full play to the linkage effect of old customers and reputation effect.

two, and the target customer base or home improvement company to carry out in-depth cooperation, while the use of the authority of the designer’s recommendation effect and reputation effect to stimulate and inspire customers to buy.

three, targeted marketing, and Real Estate Company, residential property, wedding companies, Civil Affairs Bureau and other joint promotion.

four, group purchase direct market development, through 30 to 50 key enterprises focused on the choice of units, using welfare gifts, custom, group purchase group purchase group purchase group purchase, replacement mode upgrade textile shop to increase income ability. read more

Recommended hot investment projects in 2015

is now in late autumn, 2014 has more than half of the past, a lot of people have been planning in 2015 entrepreneurship. So, in the upcoming 2015, what are the most popular investment projects? Recommended here in 2015 popular investment projects, investment risk is small, make money fast, we quickly look at it!

2015 hot investment projects: flower shop

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Women’s entrepreneurial life is the driving force of the most want to move forward in the field of b

With the continuous development of society, the female entrepreneurs’ team is increasing

. Nanjing women’s Federation of women in the city to conduct a comprehensive investigation. Survey respondents, women accounted for 92.3% of the number of people surveyed, there have been laid-off workers accounted for about 48% of the experience of entrepreneurship accounted for about 55.6%, of which entrepreneurial success accounted for 18.9%.

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Hunan migrant workers can be funded enterprises

the majority of migrant workers start now by the support of the government, but also is not just a slogan on the support, but also a practical action to support, in Hunan on the introduction of measures to protect the rights of migrant workers.

not settled in the town of migrant workers to the residence permit can also enjoy basic public services, at this stage, not to quit the land contract and management rights, land use rights, collective income distribution rights as a condition of farmers settled in the city…… The provincial government issued "on the day before the implementation of the views of" further improve services for migrant workers to work, from the stability and expansion of employment and Entrepreneurship of migrant workers, safeguard the labor rights and interests, promoting rural migrant workers migrant workers gradually realize the equal enjoyment of basic public services in urban areas and settled in the town and other aspects of the introduction of 26 measures. read more

How to operate the heart of sweet silk dessert shop

this age want to do poineering work the first choice is joined in the form of chain, what kind of brand does that chain choose to join is better? Of course, the strength and prospects of the coexistence of the development of the project. One heart dessert stores have good business wire development strength and business prospects more powerful, choose one heart silk dessert stores, a solid foundation for your business prospects and lay to one heart silk dessert stores to get better development, so you need to do the daily operation management of decoration, etc. the skill, but when it comes to how to manage it, the premise is to grasp the operation way and operation methods and techniques, all the preparations to ensure foolproof


for the heart of the silk dessert such a good project, how to be more successful in the operation of the heart of the heart silk dessert store?

1. do not pay too much attention to the attack and failure of entrepreneurship, but to focus on your service and product quality. You don’t need to tell people what you’re doing. read more

Men pick up the economic benefits of the double sex abandoned children do not forget to treat childr

abandoned baby is a very angry thing, is it really such indifference? There is a place where there is warmth, the man to pick up a pair of abandoned children, even if the economy is poor, but also strive to make money for their children to see a doctor, this move is admirable, but also warm people.

2016 in February 29th, Chinese Beijing, 60 year old Henan workers fan Xifa was working in Sanya when the adoption of a bisexual abandoned, for more than three years since then, he has been to treat children run around here and there. The day before Fan Xifa took the children to Beijing for treatment, I hope that through surgery let children become a normal people continue to live.

2 28 PM, the Beijing morning news reporter went to the children’s hospital outpatient building. At this time, more than 3 years of age are doing indoor ultrasound surveillance. "We have come to Beijing for half a month, went to several hospitals, and finally determined only in the treatment of children’s hospital". read more

How delicious potato powder

as a kind of pasta snacks, potato flour, rice noodles, noodles are more popular varieties of snacks. Join for the majority of the investment here recommended a relatively good potato powder to join the project: Delicious potato powder

How delicious potato powder


Since the

Shenyang qianlixiang potato powder store opened, hired a number of experts in nutrition and chef, painstaking conditioning, based on inheriting the traditional flavor of potato powder, secret formula and manufacturing process in essence the flavor of potato powder. Potato powder is a famous Chinese snack. Originated in the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty passed into the civil society. Because of the unique taste won the world praise, spread so far and become the generation of cuisines. It was the chef potato powder, gelatinizing material provided ingredients and education incense and surface, boiling water, cold bath, air leakage, finally made the new potato flour pasta. Potato powder after cooking, bright color, soft and refreshing smooth muscle fibrillation. How delicious potato powder to look down?. read more

Tea shop franchise management tips

tea shop is a relatively low threshold of venture capital projects, many entrepreneurs here earned the first pot of gold. Want to successfully opened, milk tea store management can not be ignored.

tea in the beverage industry has been a project more attention, many entrepreneurs want to choose the tea industry through success and wealth. In the process of operating milk tea stores, the most important thing is to do a good job in the daily management of the store. So how to do the daily management of milk tea store should work together to understand it!

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Shanghai luxury pet funeral behind the show of social disease

there are a lot of people all love pets, the dog is a pet people prefer feeding, recently appeared in Shanghai called the pet funeral, also attracted a lot of attention, so what is the pet funeral?

2015 August 29th news, Shanghai, flower beds, wooden coffin, couplet, in Shanghai city of Minhang District at a private memorial room, a small memorial ceremony was held. But, in particular, about 20 cm long in the coffin is a small pet dog. Service personnel for the puppy brush, the owner recalls, ritual meticulous…… This is a funeral ceremony for pets.

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The first shop bee suffered life Waterloo does not give up and innovation performance

everyone’s entrepreneurial path is not smooth, will experience such difficulties. A rural girl, after graduating from high school into the City venture back to the sea, to create a brilliant, was the county champion private tax. A special failure, so that the peak of her career from the bottom of the valley, almost nothing.

1980 years after graduating from high school, Liu Xianmei road from village home Zhao hometown to Jiangshan County, he opened a tailor shop in the city with the elder sister. Six months later, the eldest sister shut the tailor shop, and her husband went out to beekeeping. Liu Xianmei, who has been a master tailor, has opened a tailor’s shop.

1984 years, her "bee farm" tax amount to the top of the whole country private tax first, the taxes paid by the state owned private enterprises accounted for 1/10 of the total tax. At that time, she paid millions of dollars a year.

"Waterloo life" career development, a good life, Liu Xianmei has a new idea. 1992, Liu Xianmei felt her daughter is 8 years old, career development is stable, want to go to college for further study. After a few years in the tailor’s shop read more

Tesla team to send the connotation of luxury White Valentine’s Day


with love the people together every day is Valentine’s day, but true to the Valentine’s day that day, people still need to be said, in the white people in Shanghai have the plot, a big event, the team sent Tesla beef, this is how the luxury connotation!

3 14 in the morning, in the vicinity of Shanghai city intellectual Industrial Park, gathered a large number of "Chaoyang people", it is significant to happen? The camera closer! For a closer look, dozens of cars Tesla electric car to greet, it is show? How will the horse in the road? Why? Our hands the beef is what? I found a curious side of the "Chaoyang" people ask a clear, the original luxury fleet sent Tesla beef.

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Some of the most suitable for students to read a good book

from the heavy middle school life, the students went to the university after feeling very relaxed. However, after the carnival, many students will feel very empty and confused. For these students, Xiao Bian recommend a few good books for college students to read, you will open up the future of the fog.

1, "read university, what to read" (Tan Biaoxi)

"University, read" what exactly is a young university graduates a reflection on College life. For a prospective college student, this is a book that has no reason to ignore. It is the best-selling Chinese college student guide book in recent years, the book catalog with a 25 year old chairman of the college students to give the advice of the name of the 18 widely spread on the internet.

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Shop operators embarrassed to be good at passing

in the store operation process, it is what kind of things can happen, embarrassment is a lot more, if it happens that, it has a very negative impact on the operation of shops will. More than nine minutes late last night, I was cleaning the store, ready to close the door, came in with a total of three customers, the average age of about 50.

two of them are my gold customers, and the other is a new customer. Gold customers in the name of Liang Liang to buy a box of pure milk, payment, the new customer suddenly said: this kind of milk big supermarket to sell thirty-seven boxes, and the happiness of the supermarket is only $twenty-seven. The day before yesterday, I called her and bought two boxes, drink good."

I took the beam of red to forty dollars, listen to her so say, really a little overwhelmed, involuntarily looking to buy milk beam red. I do not know whether it is my eyes, or listen to the reasons for her companions, Liang Hong looks a bit unnatural.

"is not a soft bag? Mengniu?" I asked softly. read more

What are some of the techniques of cooking

One of the most popular

delicacy in the food industry is to take food, but also delicious taste, then ask why many take food does not eat? The reason is very simple, mainly because they do not have the right to grasp the core technology of the traditional dishes, it is open to open a food shop, go with the flow shop. Time will not be too long, no matter what kind of snacks, the most exquisite or taste. There is no authentic taste, then you do not do the dishes, do not take the food as an entrepreneurial project. To take the food in your insistence, only insist on good taste is the last word.

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High income rural Narcissus ball

is a rural place although no vast territory and abundant resources, the city is so advanced, but it has its unique advantages, can be carried out in rural areas of entrepreneurship, especially in planting and breeding projects in the areas of many, many people are so profitable, planting a cactus is a very optimistic about the project, the following do an analysis on it the benefits.

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