first few highlights we look at this recommendation function

According to the

then you love Shanghai love Shanghai alliance account login statistics, add the site, such as:

2. from the above we can see that the floating pop is a website uses love Shanghai recommended a function. According to love Shanghai recommend the official introduction, which has placed the web page code and floating code, a variety of display options available to you. Install the love Shanghai recommended, it will show the contents of the visitors love to them, help every visitor to find their own love content.

1. do you webmaster friends all know that visitors visit the site in time if you can’t find the content, will close the page. However, with this recommendation function, visitors to your site, they will see many of the recommended articles are related, if they see the page will not solve the problem, click on these articles to read, find a solution.

1. love Shanghai union account you can directly in Shanghai recommended interface login, as shown in figure

then click on the love you need to put the Shanghai statistics, will recommend the site on the Shanghai love love Shanghai statistics. After you can apply for the love of Shanghai recommended. Of course, if you do not love the Shanghai union account, you need to apply for, or if you have a love or love Shanghai to promote Shanghai statistical account, please email [email protected]贵族宝贝 for love Shanghai for trial, your user name and account type and provide (Adsense account number, account number, account home advertisement alliance), please ensure that your site deployment the code is used to get love from your account on the recommendation of Shanghai, permission to view account is unable to use the love Shanghai recommended.

I know a cloud recommendation function, there are many sites in use, for this recommendation to love Shanghai, should is in imitation. No matter how to say, the development of this function love Shanghai is good for our webmaster, this recommendation function plug-ins can enhance our user experience.


3. love Shanghai official said that at present this love Shanghai statistics function is free for everyone to use, as the future will not charge, it does not know. I believe that love Shanghai’s own thing, if used, may love Shanghai on your web site will in particular.

recommendation function benefits love Shanghai

love Shanghai recommended function display effect as shown in figure

today, I read some articles about love Shanghai recommendation function on the Internet, but also in the online search on most of the day, feeling the function for our webmaster is very favorable.

, install the

The function of

login after you will see figure

two, how to set up love Shanghai recommended

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