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breadcrumb navigation is to allow users to understand their current position in the site navigation, have very good function are the current mainstream CMS system, we generally do not modify their own.

for small and medium sites, navigation planning is relatively simple, can use the default navigation function of CMS system, can also be more carefully opened up their own navigation position on the user guide.

2, a link to

2, . Keywords

1, open position: navigation, navigation station and

Each column in the

: one or two keywords ZhengZhan navigation station


is more useful in planning the content page link function is the so-called other articles related articles is closely related to the theme and the current page. Note that these articles are really needed, rather than arbitrarily put together, or not a good user guide effect.

two, the content page internal link planning

Hello, I am the future. The site of the internal links is what concept? In layman’s terms, the mutual relationship is pointing to the internal links to web pages. This is a search engine optimization (Shanghai, ER) an important means of keyword optimization control. Through the internal links of planning, site can present a clear structure of the site as a search engine, can also provide a good user experience for visitors. In view of the internal link planning of small and medium-sized website mainly includes the following three aspects:

website because the content is not too much, so the usual way is to use navigation with CMS system, to our website (Nanjing website) as an example, as shown in figure


from the user experience, and often want to see the articles related to the additional content. The most common user habits is the basic standard for the planning and design of the content page of internal links.

4, the content of navigation: breadcrumb navigation

website, you can open up the column navigation on the right side of the page, here with the current section under the three key words are filled. To our website as an example, as shown in figure

content page point is the most CMS have the power.

3, column navigation: the column under three keywords

it should be noted that, if the base on all pages of your website to increase ZhengZhan navigation function, one or two keywords here should be placed in the main push, focusing on two key words.

1, the

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