example: 12345 next page last

how to choose reasonable paging mode

3: prev next last

is good for search engine optimization is the large number of paging. As long as each page of an article are included, then an article for at least a few page website (plus at least because there may be a tag page, the same below) increased the amount collected so much. For example, you put an article in 2 pages. "

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page of search engine optimization is beneficial or harmful? Many people think more paging, most probably it did not actually happen, the search engine more difficult to grasp. But here I want to emphasize that the search engines is the source link all reasonable way under the tabs are presented together in front of the search engine, which does not exist not grab? Most websites using URL paging mode, has been in all of the page links on the first page of the list, at the same time it will automatically add the number in each site in the title, so for any one page, is actually two times to click to access does not exist, can not access the level too deep. In particular under the legend paging mode, the first 5 pages of the search engine has no effect, but on the fifth page after page, need 2 clicks have affected. As of the page, you have much better.

paging will not affect the capture

page should pay attention to two problems, one is the title of the page. If you do not distinguish between will affect included. Another point is that the layout of the page. Here we detail.

your own directory level should not be too deep to the home page is equal to the depth of adding a layer, calculate good will not affect on the page.

90Of course, this article

: 12345678 cases of the 910 page

1020304050607080 100

why many websites are keen on the page

page mode (3 cases) will affect the search engines, which is similar to the novel website pages, only the next page, a page and no other page links. This paging mode, so that the text pages need to click N to achieve, readers do not climb into the search engine more trouble. Of course, this paging mode now only used in the novel reading website, this website does not want Shanghai to grab the page is love.


site in recent days to adjust, a colleague suggested the need to reduce the paging, paging because too many search engine spiders can’t grab. I have been holding a bit skeptical of this hypothesis, through repeated search and analysis, finally got the conclusion

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