marketing and operations: according to the test data of the website, improve website function design, and the habits of expanding user groups, effective marketing and promotion.

The core function of

if the formation of the habit of users? Must ensure that each product category is the purchase process must be consistent, and other similar website user operation process, because users are accustomed to the operation process, so when the access site will not find it difficult to operate or not is very handy. This website design should comply with the popularization, must not only innovation, on the basis of the modification, make the channel more smoothly.

why electricity supplier website function is the only chip to retain users? Many times the electricity supplier website is the sale of products website, similar products are countless websites, why do you alone will determine the user on your site in thousands of reluctant to part? Of course is because the website function design of prominent enough, users can meet up into free the operation, guide the user on the site in the continuous activity.


user value orientation: according to the user’s habits, age and the nature of the work to meet the electricity supplier website function model of user access design;

users access to the site, looking for the product category, and then look for from the class to specific products, submit the order until the final payment is successful, this process may be a few clicks of the mouse can be completed, but in this short time, contains the habitual users of the site visit, they know only after the arrival, the product detail page, in order to construct successfully, such behavior, the page design process, through the operation of the way to guide users to form the habit of the user. Once a habit is formed, a lot of things simpler.

design requires several steps of this website:

target user location: understanding access to electricity supplier website user habits, age and nature of work;

website design experience: let the user can freely in the website, relaxed access;

can find a function with

website, what is the most important? Indeed users, without the user’s website said to be a survival of the site, as if to create a "home", "pig" (not the original meaning: pig, actually refers to the people), even if only the above (extended to the frame of the house treasure a covering) still don’t make a perfect happy family. For the website, what is the biggest bargaining chip to retain users? Not products, not services are not the web page design, but the function of the website of.

outstanding website


this article, we will be customer value positioning and website design experience this two steps together, explain how electricity supplier website through functional design to retain users.

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