two, enterprise and the Shanghai dragon the indissoluble bound

so, according to the development history of search engine and business point of view, we advocate the white hat Shanghai dragon, it is the enterprise in a technology in today’s society survival indispensable, don’t despise it, don’t condemn it. When one day in the Internet search engine status and greater influence on people’s life, the enterprise has the maturity of Shanghai dragon spring.

website, then its survival concern is dependent on the Web site. We have to do is to allow more users to quickly find what we want to show, so as to form a marketing. But now, the problem is not only let potential customers find your home page to navigate through the site’s menu, links and any other things. In the past you may through a lot of traditional promotion mode is very good, but now it is no longer the case, because more and more people out of principle for Internet search engine entrance, this is also the importance of Shanghai dragon technology.

&, a search of enterprises; the first ray of dawn

EnterprisesIf your business is based on the

station is very simple, but making a profit site will be difficult, we need to analyze from various angles, find a way to stand out the promotion. The traditional promotion website is what advertising, radio and television, bus even leaflets these more traditional way to promote the stage of new or webmaster, it does not itch does not hurt, because we do not have the strategy of the professional team, there is no strong capital. So many webmaster grumble "let’s fight but the price, but also fight but spell scale, financial strength, in the end how to do?", but later love Shanghai promotion "Enterprise Edition" was launched to allow SMEs to really see the dawn, also found the direction of rapid development.

search engine not only for enterprise scale expansion capital plays a role, but with the search engines to deal with by the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng knowledge should be optimized enterprise financial structure, make more cost saving, more profit; and by Shanghai dragon also do the adjustment of product structure, promote the upgrading of products; in addition, it also to the enterprise brand protection play a big role.

three, on the search engine optimization and development of

as a webmaster, we been in a line and dealing with search engine, search engine and occasionally regrets about those indissoluble bound. From the beginning, just contact the search engine to slowly known as search engine advantage, to the precision of the search engine marketing, to the webmaster is indeed a process of growing up. The bird of paradise for some of the problems encountered in the search engine, and we analyze the search engine against the disadvantages.

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