began to focus on e-commerce, although the university is professional jewelry appraisal, but I think in today’s Internet era, no matter what the industry, if it never entered the field of electronic commerce, there is no vision. You see, VANCL, Jingdong mall, their annual sales are in the billions, Chinese largest e-commerce site taobao贵族宝贝 is not detailed. Our company, diamond bird is through the e-commerce platform, can do today and jewelry brand racing together bridle to bridle.

now slowly contact to understand, I think the Shanghai dragon is both simple and complex, because it requires a lot of knowledge. Its development so far, has not formed the system theory teaching authority, a lot of knowledge are 00 pieces, a lot more we need to know the personal practice. Shanghai dragon is the core foundation content and links, do the two had already finished 95% of the work site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and even completed the site of the core foundation work.

Eslite is on Shanghai Longfeng start visibility, and then the train, engage in their own logistics, engage in their own service. You think, if only is well-known, but no good products and services, how to keep customers. And the more the site, because the service product is not good, the negative impact will be much larger than the small website, users of its sensitivity will be much higher than the general small site. This is why the Sanlu milk powder containing melamine, a short period of time will collapse. "

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I of Shanghai Longfeng sentiment

may seem simple, but the specific operation will appear a lot of problems, how to write an article, how to send the chain, do these things to take into account what aspects are to be considered, it is a whole, is to consider, to some technical problems when it is not the most important. I think the Shanghai dragon is a kind of technology, rather it is a logical thought. We analyze the algorithm of search engine, search engine to analyze the user’s thoughts and behavior, what we really should do, I think it is from a user perspective, give users a good experience, users really want, this is the success of a web site, in order to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, will it is benefit in a short time, but not really long.

because of concerns about it, all to know, the chance to see Shanghai dragon training in. Shanghai dragon has been for a long time, the ability and level of my need to improve, it belongs to the rookie level.

university practice, do is jade sales network, but the results have not very high visibility, the reason is that the company brand is not large, resulting in not much traffic. That is to how to improve the visibility of the exposure rate. At the time of the Shanghai dragon although have heard, but the content is not very clear.

and Shanghai dragon industry fate

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