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2, willing to stick to the analysis, in order to win the

fourth, adhere to the daily updated information, updated at least 10 or more information and must be in correlation to every industry, no content can borrow counterparts, in less amount of

second selection; key words, of course you must put the contents of the title you planning such as: how to correctly use the razor? How to prevent scratches or razor

quantitative qualitative change!


third, change the page layout; information as much as possible to show on the home page, a stack keywords feeling, but how do you see the heap (because the home page is the search engine spiders visit most of the pages), what reason is not to say, can be realized to

to share method of curiosity, how I love Shanghai only 1, the chain weight is 0, the friends of the chain to 0 sites, not only by external force, the station optimization can (by means of information) will be planning a good keyword ranking of the first page:


The following ! lips? After the revision of the column page:

after the revision of the bread crumbs:

! !


3, with the station thinking business enterprise website

sixth, time analysis, adhere to 3~5 days began to focus on the search engine on your website information in terms of time, every day in the spider activity time at least half an hour before the release of all information content (for example, 13 in the afternoon! I found by site. I love Shanghai included the content of the website for 2 hours ago, so I you can calculate the spider to my site activities for the time at 11 in the morning, so my information must be completed at 10:40, it will receive as a single spider)


for me, Shanghai dragon is not my specialty, no contact for too long, and did not undergo any training, it is only a part of the network marketing in my work, but I can use the basic method by all the people will ignore the keywords ranking do good!

before the revision added information columns:

fifth, noted in the details page to leave spider back path, the purpose is to let the spider more to your other pages to grab as much as possible the contents of


after the revision change information columns:


first, positioning keyword; a keyword can optimize up, much depends on the location of your keywords, how to locate the key here is not to say, the basis of all know, no basis can ask Baidu

: before the revision of bread crumbs

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