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in the search box type "". Google search results is what? It is likely that the first result is the city where you live in your neighborhood pizzeria. But the search engine is how to know where you are? Simply, the search engine is determined by IP your position. Google know, most people search "pizza" may be in order to search the local structure, although they did not use local search.

search engines work like other industries to meet the needs of users. For Bing, YAHOO, Google and other search engines, this means that you must provide the best results for all search queries. The main search engine is to improve the user experience as the goal, to provide more personalized search results. Then the search engine is how to carry out personalized search? The influence factors of personalized search are those? I will do a simple exposition in the following.

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three: your social network information

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two: your search history

and Facebook signed a cooperation. Facebook will be joined in the search results of data. Will the data integration should be Facebook and will allow Facebook users registered in the Bing search results to see them in the Facebook on the social relations and information sharing. If the user has to Facebook some "Deng Li will have a better ranking than usual. At the same time, Google has also been busy developing their own noble baby +1. When the user logged into their Google account, they can use +1 to share a noble baby they love the page. In the Google search results will show nobility baby +1 information.

some people think that personalized search means better search results, the search engine can give users more valuable content, personalized search reduces clutter and noise of the Internet, more important is he only what the user wants. Opponents believe that this search is actually search our world, rather than to expand. For these two aspects the author believes that we should look at this technology to a development vision. We should wait, in order to improve the user experience as the main target. The Swiss Army knife 贵族宝贝meekcool贵族宝贝 original reproduced please specify a >

search history records of search engines may be an old technology, search engines know you search in what place, they will begin to analyze your search records what you search recently, you read what page recently. This may sound a bit but if the search engine with hair standing on end, know your search records, they can according to the search records providing you the best meets your requirement of the search results, you will more easily from the search results to find the information you want.

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