7, Shanghai love weight

talked about friendship connection I would like to explain the link: Links refers to put each other on your site other websites link. Must be able to find the address and the name of the web site in the web page code, and can be displayed when browsing the web site name, this is Links.

site site love Shanghai is on the front page of

the following hospital network marketing small micro field to talk about what kind of website is a high quality links, and how to get the chain, by following my original acronym, mainly explain I do link exchange:

is more than nine points every time I exchange connection when they are going to see, if these things are done can swap connection with. Then describe the nine points:

3, website snapshot date

9, the content of the website (whether healthy)

website: website included more than sites included less relatively better, at least in Shanghai included more love aside, can do it or pay more attention to the spider, ranking will certainly occupy a certain advantage, of course, bring traffic will not say.


1, website

website 8, 6,

site is cheating

6, the website included historical records

site PR output value

2, PR value of

said the friendship exchange connection webmaster is certainly not unfamiliar, we know a good friendship connection to the site to help is not negligible, it is more conducive to improve search rankings and the weight of the site keywords, Xiao Bian found high PR friendship connection is driven by some of their stations pr. So do the connection must have a certain standard, must not exchange than their own station, unless you know that you are willing to give friends the case. Take myself every day for links that said: "there are professionals updated every day equal to my private chat, for home / page or article page before page text [about exchange I wrote this article, interested can read: [in the chain, friendship link? New way to solve the problem] (only for other medical websites not faze)", so that we can make use of friendship connection to play the best

first, change Links must be "equal", the so-called match is the exchange correlation website, no correlation sites generally have little effect, like when I say: only for the exchange of medical websites, the other one. Following the first to summarize exchange pay attention to several points:

5, website keywords ranking

PR: the higher the PR value that the web is more popular (>


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