for the website optimization Shanghai Longfeng this term, I believe that every webmaster in known yet, and every webmaster are in pursuit of the so-called "Shanghai dragon optimization, but in my opinion, many owners of the" pursuit "are too blind, do not know how to see some of the Shanghai Jin Qiao, Longfeng some tutorial the so-called well-known webmaster released began to blindly follow the trend, in the end the site not only no improvement, some will be right down and so on. But today I discuss some experience and do some of their own station, I hope to help you, if you feel good friends, welcome advice!

(a) "and the" how do we

2, for a good article, the title is also very important. We all know that a site is usually displayed in the search engine is the title of 38 characters, so we give up the title is very exquisite, not more than 38 characters, more is not displayed, and it will cause the title weight is too scattered, so I suggest you try to highlight key words, to write the Title Some concise. The other is the spider crawling habit, usually from left to right, so when we write the keyword as the keyword on the left, the keywords ranking ascension is helpful. The last word is the title of the article to diversity, do not repeat themselves, then the spider will think is too repetitive, so it will lead to a website >

here first "excellent in its good" this sentence maybe some owners do not understand the meaning, then I briefly explain with you. "Inside" you can see from the literal meaning refers to our webmaster web site internal optimization. Then the "good outer" words must be in as far as possible in our spare do internal optimization outside do external optimization work, such as the chain chain, etc.. Well, after explaining below I will introduce the specific methods.

1, when it comes to internal web site optimization, the first reaction of many owners is undoubtedly the original content, but for me, I don’t deny the importance of the original content, but I want to say is that the original content is not necessary, for now more and more user-friendly search engine, is compared to the original the contents of the. But I believe that often engage in original friends will find, when some of the weight of high site websites than our original content after we ranked far superior to us, so we will have a great question… Of original content. But I still urge you to do more original content, although now the search engine algorithm is not enough perfect, but the original content is the inevitable trend of future optimization.

for the internal optimization, many webmaster friends will be very confused, what do the site internal optimization? Is the original content is? The answer is negative, the author will discuss the specific one with me is how to do internal optimization.


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