, the author proposed a simple modification of the title, the title of the complex, often redundant impact to the site rankings, the author thinks that the title should be the main keywords for the heavy lifting key through the main keywords, we can see some index larger but the title is very simple site, this site because the title is simple, one of the main keywords can be firmly in love first in Shanghai, one of the main key can bring tens of thousands of traffic for the site, simple and efficient title can be said to occupy a part of the ranking.

recently in the process of optimization of one of the old customers to contact me, he consulted a "hello to me, ask my friend’s website has been recently included, but no ranking, how is this going?" from this sentence to the client can understand customer friends the site collection is better, but at the same time is not included in the rankings, then I offer to him. To do a comprehensive inspection, found some problems.

two, the author told the dead link problems of customers and friends of the site, and the solution method is the dead link to clean the site if the site content can directly remove these dead links, if the main page links can not be deleted, but to re set of links. If the home link requires reasonable navigation links, can not modify the link in the process of death affect the ongoing optimization of Shanghai dragon, can not affect included on the website of the.

the first question: customers and friends for the title of the site is complicated, many key words in the title are, but these words in the title are unrelated keywords, can be said to the title of the correlation is not strong; second problems: site customer friends dead link site there are a number of Shanghai Longfeng check in more than 400, the entire site links to check out the 8 dead links can definitely link affects the website spider crawling rate; the third is: the chain of friends and customers sites increased too fast, I observed the chain in May 26th was only 3100, but the chain in May 28th has reached 3700 just two days, an increase of 600, the quality of the chain fourth as can be imagined; is the friends of customer site Links has some problems, it is the site of friends The chain of correlation are, but there are 1 friends of the chain found in the inspection tool has been search engine K, such a chain will affect the site’s ranking. Customer friends check is the site through the above four problems, then according to my own experience to the customer put forward a few suggestions, I think here to talk about a few suggestions quite reasonable, hoping to help to some sites are included but no ranking webmaster friends.


three, the client site friend chain increased too fast, 2 days increased by hundreds of the chain, from the growth of the chain.

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