2012, the Shanghai dragon worker, is very passionate for a year, because a lot of things happened this year, Shanghai dragon industry, and for the reform of the algorithm also has many sites which changes turn the world upside down, how many ups and downs, industry suffered heartless blow, and many sites in the industry inside out in a way, here I (a very attention Shanghai dragon industry) Shanghai dragon Er to organize a few websites this talent shows itself. The Voice of China told us to get their own tutor Pro gaze, singing skills is very necessary, and eventually win the results tell us to be successful, follow oneself hard is important, teachers stiffness is the key, Jin Zhiwen not Yang Kun’s preference for natural can not enter the semi-finals, and for Chinese Shanghai Longfeng good website natural, need a good ranking, but also good reputation, also have a certain influence on the industry.

from the responsibility of love Shanghai as Chinese largest search engine service providers, he really needs a professional platform to help site owners to better manage and operate the site, and to provide users with the best search results search experience. And this platform gives the greatest impact is Shanghai dragon worker, because we conduct in the search engine, they do all the work on optimization, then his algorithm updates, will relate to the site’s ranking fluctuations, this platform will give us some adjustment notice in the algorithm update before we can adjust and optimize the strategy timely.

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website ranking since Needless to say, it is a line with the Shanghai dragon is also in line with the demand of workers, love Shanghai itself to show the user needs to search, so the love of Shanghai Aladdin (internal web site based on the principle of controllable more credible) to website promotion to the home page.


As for the

, 2, second: search portal of Shanghai dragon why

1, the first love: Shanghai Webmaster Platform

As for the


is the Shanghai dragon search outside fully deserve leader in the industry, not only the students throughout the world (thousands of students), single forum and portal will hold the pump are the backbone of Shanghai dragon industry.

website ranking, the industry veteran, plus the only teacher’s influence, love Shanghai naturally easier to recognize.

search outside the Shanghai dragon training may not be the most practical, may not be the cheapest and most affordable, but the spirit and focus for Shanghai dragon training system to help us understand more clearly the Shanghai dragon each knowledge point, and we need to master the key operation. Although I did not participate in the training, but there are many large web sites have been working in the Shanghai Phoenix are learning from Shanghai dragon why.

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