1. hot forum post, post plus signature, the original content of the article add anchor text, the moderator is not deleted. These are often collected records.

is the priority among priorities, is every webmaster do the most difficult, the content of the hair of the chain, I said here is how to send the chain.

website content online, this not to say, we should know how to operate, the beginning of the article can only fill a few disturbing home, straight text enough. If the original to do under pseudo okay. Built after submitted love Shanghai, or to the popular forum to lead spider, let the spider love Shanghai rapid climb to your site quickly included.

, I will go to a related type registered in what type of home station domain name, such as you do have a class of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng words in the domain, the weight loss is Jianfei words, this person feel very important to correlation. In the time domain name registration I would go to see some of the domain name will be deleted, to see if there is Beian, there are some good outside chain, and analyze the domain name before the K has not been too and some other factors. If you are registered to a domain name for the weight behind things easier.

3. Links, I change Links is a week 1-2, steadily, unlike some webmaster said one day a different 1-2, ha ha. You can refer to the appropriate.

The third step: add

2. classification information published articles, some registered included fast classification information website, such as baby cool, Tianya classified information, qd8 classification information, a good speaker network, people network list.

The first step of

4. blog group built, although now burst NetEase and nofollo> blog


: I usually use Dede and CMS, I should be familiar with the cause of it, for the template style as far as possible to write their own code, not written to imitation, imitation style, will also go to modify some code which, as far as possible the construction style of the website is the one and only online the. The one and only a style for a website of the weight will be improved, the Internet too much repetition of the same style have some obstacles for ranking optimization. I hope we can do this point.

Fourth step

Hello I’m easy to discovery man, do stand has been more than a year’s time, I do some stations are not small, and what normal station, but the station that competition is very large, is also the station. From the beginning, I determined to own up under such a sentence: they can succeed, why can’t I, also is a person, I will be successful. Before have been learning the experience of others to enrich himself, I put my own ranking optimization experience to share today, hoping to give a few ranking successful novice webmaster a hint.

Second step

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