put a lot of effort in optimizing their website, will be on the website of the log of selective neglect, do not know how the web log can bring help to the site optimization, in fact, if the web log mining can profound contents, you will find the optimization of the road will become a lot easier, here can give us what kind of message Web log analysis.

first, can get the site to grab the directory information. When love Shanghai spider to your site crawling included content, you will love the Shanghai spider web log behavior will automatically record, so as long as you go to the web site log analysis, you will find the love of spiders in Shanghai to your website crawling the directory, so that you will know how to love Shanghai the spider like the content on your site. Also can know whether the spider love Shanghai to those who do not improve the weights of the website directory on the crawl. Because some web content such as the registration page, advertising pages and directory icon, do not need to let love Shanghai to crawl. In addition to the database of the website doesn’t need to be loved in Shanghai spider. On the one hand, to avoid the risk that love Shanghai website is spam sites effectively, but also enhance the security level of the site.

third, analysis of the website information status code. Usually the status code mainly includes two kinds, one is the user status code, the other is a spider status code. For this spider status code data, can analysis website whether there.

In fact, many webmaster in

second web pages for information analysis website. When the page is love will appear in the Shanghai spiders to crawl the web logs, it is important for us to analysis the content of the site. For example, our web pages if there are garbage pages crawled, whether there are multiple link URL capture. At the same time also can see which pages are often grab, grab the frequency is the number of other. From these data, you will clearly understand, want to screen out some junk pages, prevent because junk pages crawled too much lead to site is down right.

believe that many webmaster in Xiangponaodai, expect their website in the continuous upgrading of the ranking fell in love with the sea. The construction and the website update and the chain, is now at the start of the chain optimization focus on site, in general will not give up everything possible to enhance any details of the website rankings, but whether it will bring a good return to the station? In fact it is not optimistic, although many webmaster input a lot of energy, but eventually completed the transformation from quantity to quality, is also the optimization is not successful.

if the page content capture frequency is very high, so that the page is love Shanghai’s favor, which means that we can write such content, so as to attract the attention of the love of Shanghai, but also can effectively improve the weights of the site, because of the high quality of the content is crawled more, it means that the weight of the website will be higher, so the optimization effect will be more better.

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