3. is the highest place hits certain that the real needs of users is the highest


2. sites on the left or right edge of the blank part click on what

is the first dynamic update problem, because if we updated daily, thermodynamic diagram you can see now the data is yesterday’s data because today’s content has been updated, and the thermodynamic figure also is not reflected.



, a thermodynamic diagram rules

two, thermodynamic diagram to see what aspects of

the answer is negative, the color depth of the place is not necessarily on demand, because there is an additional factor that is the user’s mouse trajectory, general user mouse will be placed in the right side of the website, this is when we look at a heat map of our web site any pictures or links are not right but there is a large click color.

1. is not a place that the user must click click

is the second we may do the activities of limited, if we have a block in doing activities so keep clicking this area for a period of time is a lot, if we take the activity removed then click will fall down.

love Shanghai thermal map shows us the data are the page views and click the page, click on the hot page view and the number of hits depends mainly on the existing web site, click on the hotspot is reflected in the thermodynamic diagram which is the depth of color, the deeper the color is of hits is higher. So we consider the following issues.

if we left or right edge of the blank part website click more shows the user’s screen resolution is generally relatively large, most of the users are using the big screen, because when the user when using the site on both sides of the big screen is a considerable width, so we can put our online consultation in our left or on the right side of the box on the left, generally do not affect the user to view the content of the text.

before we mentioned the site after entering the middle we need fine-tuning to make our flow to another level, the website said the mid fine-tuning will have to say a tool that is love love Shanghai Shanghai statistical thermodynamic diagram tool, love Shanghai statistical broad stationmaster recommended to install it, really useful love Shanghai, thermodynamic diagram data presented by our website for mid fine-tuning is has a decisive role, thermodynamic diagram looks very simple just to show different click heat through different color, but we should go through the several aspects of our website thermodynamic diagram, so as to understand the true thermodynamic diagram from the thermodynamic diagram found our web site problems, today to share and discuss.

thermodynamic diagram is delayed relative one day, click data see today is yesterday updated data click.

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