. Recently, Xining people reflect that the overpass was supposed to facilitate pedestrian traffic, parking a city through the company can Jing Lin victory road under the bridge, there are many vehicles parked in the barrier at the outlet of every day, to the pedestrian traffic inconvenience. According to Mr Li said the overpass is an important way to facilitate pedestrian crossing, but Jing Lin Bridge is located on the road victory under a parking lot, some parked vehicles will access blocked exit, pedestrian traffic is very convenient, especially pushing a wheelchair disabled people over the bridge is more difficult. Reporters yesterday morning to the scene to see the vehicle tail in the north forest landscape bridge barrier free exit parked next to the green barrier zone, blocking the flyover will exit completely, pedestrian traffic only gap in the middle between two cars. A footbridge public side walking around the car angrily told reporters: "the parking lot at the money, good openings being parked cars blocked, do not know whether the minority interests or important, convenient and safe pedestrian important?" There is no pedestrians, barriers to exports for disabled wheelchair access, but the traffic clogged with pedestrians after all the difficulties, not to mention the disabled wheelchairs, the relevant administrative departments should strengthen the management, make the management to the parking lot exit flyover enough width for pedestrians, don’t let no obstacle exports become jam. Reporters on the matter to the Qinghai Xinhao Parking Management Limited complaints hotline of the reflection, said it would send staff to the scene to view, parking management requirements to solve the problem of blocking the export of vehicles as soon as possible. (author: Jianwen)

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