Reporters from the Qinghai Provincial Bureau of statistics, 26, as one of the country’s five major pastoral areas of Qinghai’s urban population has reached up to 2 million 803 thousand people, accounting for the province’s total population of more than, an increase of 29.9 percentage points higher than in 1978. Qinghai province is located in the eastern part of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, which accounts for 96% of the total area of the province. Due to the traditional mode of operation of animal husbandry scattered, herders have long been living by the water. Statistics show that since 2000 the implementation of the western development strategy, Qinghai province population urbanization rate of an average annual increase of 1.1 percentage points, three county-level city in the province has Xining, Haidong two cities, Delingha, Golmud, Yushu. In order to speed up the process of urbanization in the vast number of pastoral areas, from the beginning of 2009, Qinghai actively promote the settlement of herdsmen, has helped at least 500 thousand people to achieve the town of the masses of animal husbandry area. According to the plan, by 2020, Qinghai province will invest at least 4 billion yuan, initially built 80 location advantages of small towns, then these small town life garbage, sewage harmless treatment rate will reach more than 85%, road hardening rate will reach more than 90%.

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