In August 3rd, Datong beam field construction site, with the last car concrete pouring, five Bureau of China Railway Second Lanzhou Xinjiang Engineering Command box girder exceeded 500 mark, box girder prefabrication work into the final stage.

the command charged with the second Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway LXSQZ-2 standard – Xining Datong 588 prefabricated construction task piece box girder. In June 13, 2010, the headquarters of successful pouring Trinidad Lanzhou first beam ", October 11th, Lanzhou second double beam field become the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company on behalf of the construction period of the first time through national production license certification unit. Command to seize the golden season, the construction of reasonable arrangement, inverted schedule, detailed construction tasks, conscientiously carry out the "safety, quality, schedule, more than than the benefits, than technology," the image of "more than six" competition activities, fully mobilize all employees participating in the construction of the construction production enthusiasm, initiative and creative. Quickly set off the construction of the climax, the progress of the construction is accelerating, the average daily production capacity of up to 2-3, to achieve safe production for 869 days, for the completion of this year, all box girder precast tasks laid a solid foundation.  

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