began to enter the National Day holiday today, many people with travel plans have begun to move. The transport sector in our province have taken measures, the expressway service area ready, the bus station is to increase the capacity of ETC lane is smooth, reporters combing the relevant traffic information, allowing you to travel between counties and more comfortable.

– a toll free vehicle lane, toll road will be held on October 1st at 0 in October 7th 24, 7 the following (including 7) small passenger car toll free policy, the toll station will open lanes free vehicle entrance not issuing export lift lever release, at the same time, ETC lane the normal use, and the toll station traffic radio website LED display will also timely release traffic information, provide detailed information service for the masses travel.

– long enough to drive the highway service area for a long time driving fatigue, in addition to the driver needs to rest, the vehicle also needs to stop for the necessary maintenance and repair. Good service for the majority of passengers, 7 of the service area, the province’s high grade highway is 1 parking area, 2 of the independent gas station, carried out detailed investigation on the basic equipment and key parts, eliminate safety hazards. At the same time, the service area to do a good job stocking, restaurants, supermarkets and other reserves of sufficient goods and ingredients to meet the needs of the Department of passengers.

– car capacity increase of 12328 mobile phone to ensure passenger travel in time, the Department of transportation according to the road traffic flow, reasonable arrangements for transportation and shifts, focus on strengthening the city and surrounding tourist attractions, attractions and bus stations, train stations and other passenger hub of the city public transportation and tourism passenger capacity investment. Xining bus station on the basis of the existing daily work on the basis of an increase of more than and 40 emergency capacity to ensure peak passenger travel. At the same time, the transport sector to strengthen the safety supervision of long-distance buses, tourism charter, road transport of dangerous goods and urban public transport and other key areas, to crack down on passenger overloading, speeding and fatigue driving. In addition, the 12328 traffic service you and I he also strengthened the supervision of telephone complaints, help the smooth flow of channels.

hot scenic parking spaces, please choose a reasonable holiday travel period, during the national day of China’s road passenger traffic is expected to reach 1 million 173 thousand and 700 passengers, an increase of 3% over the same period last year. Road passenger flow in short, Xining city (county) to the surrounding traffic will have a larger growth, the peak passenger flow will be concentrated in October 1st to 2 and October 6th to 7, the traffic department advocating the masses of scientific and reasonable arrangements for travel plans, travel peak, civilized and law-abiding. At the same time, the popular scenic spots and shopping malls around the parking lot is relatively insufficient, but also ask you to choose the right means of transport to travel, road congestion occurs when the road is not a row, in order to improve road traffic efficiency.


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