Since mid June this year, Datong County, as the province’s first agricultural collective forest rights transfer management and service pilot units, has successfully created a collective forest rights management service center, forest rights management and electronic platform. Up to now, Datong County has handled 6 mortgage collective forest rights, to achieve the province’s collective forest rights mortgage zero breakthrough. The reporter learned from the Municipal Forestry Bureau, Datong County to the township village, General Ma Shi Xun rang Xiang Zang Cun Xiang He Jia Zhuang Cun, Qingshan, the first pilot, including the transfer of forest ownership and forest right mortgage loan, to take the key breakthrough, promote the work process of classification. At the same time, research on the development of the introduction of Datong County forest ownership management service pilot construction implementation plan "," Datong County forest management measures (Trial) "and other relevant policies and regulations, farmers do transfer of forest rights and forest rights mortgage and other related services. With the work of collective forest right system reform deepening, Datong County forest economy policy under the guidance of flower seedling breeding, has been formed in Tibetan medicine planting, forest development mode, breeding characteristics, forest ecological tourism, development and utilization of wild edible mushroom industry. As of now, the county has established management tree seed breeding cooperatives 44, the output value of 100 million yuan, 15000 households; in Tibetan medicine planting cooperatives 15, the annual output value of 51 million 330 thousand yuan, 1273 households; forest characteristics of farming cooperatives 15, the annual output value of 13 million 670 thousand yuan, involving 1560 households; forest tourism scenic area 72 scenic spots, the annual output value of 19 million 300 thousand yuan.  

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