Hao Peng wrote to the members:

5 20 in the morning, governor Hao Peng in the office of the provincial government first party branch "two a" learning education seminar to ordinary Party members, encouraging us assume the title of the Communist Party members, fulfill their duties, establish a good image of the Communist Party, for the party to make contributions to the light, the province’s reform and development.

symposium, the Party branch of all Party members to study the general secretary Xi Jinping to carry out the two learning to do an important indicator of learning and education spirit. After that, we focus on studying the party constitution, Party Learning Series speech, do a qualified party member "made a speech.

Hao Peng talking about his experience, pointed out that the development of "two learning and doing" learning and education, is another important deployment of the CPC Central Committee to deepen education in the party. This study focus on managing party education extends to the grassroots, teaching object coverage of Party organizations at all levels and all Party members, the majority of Party members and cadres, is a rare opportunity to improve learning, we must be in accordance with the "foundation in science, the key to do", the "learning" and "do" organic unity in the letter, and, to learn and learn, and efforts to truly learn knowledge, promote the unity of knowledge and action. Hao Peng said, to lay a solid foundation, the emphasis on mastery, to the general secretary of Party Constitution and Xi Jinping series of important speech combine learning and relate to deepen understanding, the party understanding in the learning series speech, a profound understanding of the basic series of speech in Science in the party constitution. Highlighting the key to firmly grasp the "Four Haves" under the new situation of qualified party standard, be politically qualified, qualified, qualified and moral discipline to play the role of qualified; to enhance political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line as the fundamental requirements, always in the same ideological and political action to Comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee to maintain a high degree of consistency.

Hao Peng, in office for an important job responsibilities, the provincial government major key role, made six wishes, encouraged everyone always loyal to the party as the first requirement, always take the absolute loyalty as the primary political principle, political nature, primary primary political quality; always obey the rules as a benchmark for the bottom line, pay attention to personally, by discipline, about the rules embodied in the daily words and deeds; always temper conduct as compulsory homework, norms remain modest and prudent, interpersonal communication, develop a healthy taste, do a good job with good ethics and work style; always willing to sacrifice as value orientation, value position, correct attitude, diligent work, the process of serving the overall situation as the process of their own life experiences; always careful as basic quality, do meditation, modesty, Heart, mouth, eye ground, hands, brains, legs, not because things and forget, not because of something small and not for, not because of the wrong thing, to see the spirit, in the subtle details between the significant level; to strengthen the consciousness of learning as a habit, often read, think much, continue to improve their political quality, professional quality and comprehensive quality, improve working ability and level.

branch Party members agreed that the hair of governor Hao Peng;

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