9 1, by the Qiushi magazine and Beijing Youth Politics College jointly organized by the 2016 multi students to participate in the Beijing, "love" theme of the successful completion of the educational activities of the end of three. The "three love" Education Beijing activity is "seeking truth" magazine and the Beijing Youth Politics College General Secretary Xi Jinping to implement precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty, create the political significance, educational and social influence, effective way to promote the development of basic education in minority areas, ethnic minority areas to change the backwardness of the new model is helping our province in the exploration of educational aid. "Three love" theme education activities in our province caused a warm response.

Li Jintai, deputy director of the Bureau of education, Xining, Huangzhong, said, "three love" theme of educational activities, is a cultural exchange and collision, but also a spiritual assistance to children in poor areas of the plateau! The children from the heart of perception, feeling, touching, we can see the children of hope in the future from the shadow activities, especially the children on the future vision of the firm belief and desire, believe that the development of the Tibetan children shoulder the mission, today is the hope, tomorrow is the pillar.

Haidong municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Director Had said, these days, can see the Zaduo students in Beijing faces in newspapers and on TV every day, watching every child laugh so innocent brilliant, our heart is very excited, our Tibetan children in Beijing received a baptism of the spirit, the spirit of the sublimation. To feel the warmth of the motherland, believe love the party, love the motherland and the seeds will germinate in their hearts.

Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Committee of state organs Secretary Bao Yun said, this activity fully reflects the party and the state for a long time with the development of ethnic areas. As a member of the Communist Youth League cadres, we should focus on developing sympathy, funding, poverty twinning, poverty alleviation, entrepreneurial poverty alleviation, actively participate in poverty alleviation strategy to enrich the form of poverty, poverty alleviation mechanism innovation, improve the level of assistance, efforts to form a joint force to win the battle with the power of youth and poverty.

Golmud Yangtze River village villagers Bnathan said, looking at the smiling faces of the children, they think of the party and the government’s good policy. The party and the government are always concerned about us, and now the party’s policy of poverty alleviation so that our days are getting better and better, more and more people out of the Tibetan Grassland, to see the wonderful world outside. Thank you very much for giving us such a good policy, we will never forget the party’s good to us.

, deputy researcher of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of poverty alleviation and Development Bureau staff Zhang Keqing said, many students in Beijing for miscellaneous activities for students to broaden their horizons, increase knowledge, future success, make contribution is of great significance for the development of Tibetan areas. In recent years, the party’s policy of enriching the people, education, health, water, electricity, roads and other infrastructure construction and public service efforts, urban and rural landscape has undergone changes in turn the world upside down people, more prosperous days, the leading role for the development of Tibetan areas.

, Haiyan County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Youth Activity Center Director Suo Yanmei said, "three love" theme of education;

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