in September 9th, Li Shuzhen, a student majoring in Applied Psychology at Qinghai National University, came to the South Shanxi community with a nervous and excited heart, and began her social work. The same day, like her 15 college students into the Urban District Employment Bureau to provide practical community practice base for their employment experience.

saw Li Shuzhen in the southern Shanxi community reporter, she told reporters that the specialty of applied psychology where she learned that psychological counseling and interpersonal knowledge, but to the community after the discovery, the knowledge and practical work there is a big gap between hope, she will be able to learn to practice in this period the community practice, and provides some experience for future employment.

signed a two-year contract with the community probation, has been working in the community a year of college students Bi Zhenzhen said, just to the community when facing the grassroots, unfamiliar faces, trivial work, feel what is not dry, slowly in the community to use office software, skilled use of office equipment. By dealing with the residents of the masses, their ability to communicate with people has been greatly improved in the community to learn a lot of textbooks can not go to school, for the future to lay a good foundation for their employment.

South West Community Secretary Liu Guifang said that the current graduates are mostly 90, but lack of experience and also makes them frequently frustrated in the job on the road. The establishment of College Students’ practice base in the community, to provide all kinds of social practice opportunities for students and let the students know how to post, the community staff work, also let them in the most direct way to contact the society, can help students adapt to society as soon as possible. And with a substantial increase in the level of hardware of community service, community work is also more and more strong, but the community cadres age and cultural structure and existing community work has been unable to fully meet the contradictions, fewer people do many college students have become increasingly prominent, into the community, for the community construction has injected new blood, new energy, new knowledge. With the help of Community College Students’ cultural level is high, the advantage of strong ability to understand the policy, development can also make community work better. (author: Jianwen)

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