from the recent research situation, food and drug regulatory work involves a number of departments, I would like to ask the county food and drug supervision mechanism and system is what? How to solve the problems such as excessive pesticide production, food safety hidden trouble in the campus, weak drug supervision and so on?" Chen Ping took the lead in food and drug safety issues to the competent authorities to ask questions, opened a prelude to the people’s Congress of the county government day activities.

"government day" is the 6 consecutive year in Datong County held a National People’s Congress activities month to take the way of the forum, the first innovation of a new form of representative activities. 11 delegates around the hot and difficult is related to people’s livelihood and economic and social development, the content involves 13 issues of education, land, forestry, and other aspects of the price level and put forward questions on behalf of the scene, tell the truth, tell the truth, objective and fair, direct point. "House" and 8 government departments responsible person to accept the supervision of the National People’s Congress of the people, from the perspective of service, on behalf of the questions one by one to answer truthfully, the activities are always filled with a harmonious, lively and vivid atmosphere of democracy.

in answer to each question, which is the Democratic voice, show the county deputies to perform their duties, perform their duties for the people’s feelings, highlights the government and relevant departments of administration, law enforcement for the people’s sense of responsibility and realistic style of work.

day of government activities on the same day, there are more than 60 provincial, city and county deputies to participate in the activities of the three, effectively expanding the depth and breadth of the NPC deputies to participate in the work of the npc. (author: Zhao Yongqin)

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