– the theme of "open cooperation · green development" is divided into four major theme activities, the theme of the forum and the theme of the investment activities of the eleven exhibition time for a period of 4 days

reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, 2016 China · Qinghai green development investment and Trade Fair (referred to as: the 2016 Green Fair), will be opened in June 20th, the exhibition time for a period of 4 days. This green fair theme of "open cooperation · green development", "around The Belt and Road" green development is divided into four theme activities, five thematic forums and eleven thematic investment activities, combined with the third ring Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge development activities.

four theme activities

this Green Fair will continue to carry out activities around the "The Belt and Road construction. Divided into the depth into the "The Belt and Road forum," The Belt and Road great beauty of Qinghai investment environment and key project promotion, "The Belt and Road" cultural innovation development forum and the "beauty of Qinghai" Silk Road plateau tourism festival four theme activities.

five thematic forum

forum is "lithium industry – new ecological" International Forum, "Chinese manufacturing 2025" forum, SME forum, harmonious and livable city construction forum, Kunlun jade industry development forum, the forum will focus on all kinds of global vision to explore the development trend of new energy industries, small and medium-sized enterprises how to grasp the opportunity of reform, the supply side perfect city governance system to carry out the theme.

* eleven investment activities

in order to further implement the work of the green fair investment, the current Fair will be divided into eleven thematic activities. Including the invitation and investment promotion work, special investment work report, provincial special investment promotion conference, major projects focused on signing, the city state investment projects promotion and special signing events, private enterprises in Hong Kong and Macao Chamber of commerce project docking and signing activities, enterprise reform and development seminar, the combination and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, will promote the Qinghai characteristic agriculture animal husbandry industrialization will promote the development of women’s entrepreneurship, innovation seminar, youth hit off – beat Hui salon etc.. All kinds of investment activities include a variety of areas of the province’s cities and prefectures, and pay attention to the field of youth entrepreneurship, to carry out the tutor services, youth entrepreneurship project negotiations and other activities, to promote the healthy and rapid development of Qinghai youth entrepreneurship.

five theme pavilions

it is reported that this Green Fair exhibition hall layout closely around "The Belt and Road" strategy, the construction of ecological civilization and the "12th Five-Year" construction achievements and development focus in the field of "13th Five-Year", highlighting the characteristics of layout, thrifty and pragmatic, outstanding new products, new technologies, new services and new formats to display. Respectively "Belt and Road Initiative comprehensive museum, Sanjiang Museum, source and Lake area construction area and the development of industry and commodity trading hall, business hall hall.

Belt and Road Initiative "comprehensive museum: located in the A museum. Including "The Belt and Road International Exchange Center, Provincial Museum, Qinghai cooperation;

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