April 20th to 26, the Municipal Seismological Bureau a monitoring personnel to participate in the monitoring and Forecasting Department of China Earthquake Administration sponsored by the northwest five provinces and cities (state) earthquake department analysis of Lanzhou training forecaster. The training by the researcher China Seismic Network Center Liu Jie, Niu Anfu, Lu Jun; Institute of crustal stress researcher Liu Yao Wei; chief researcher of the Seismological Bureau of Hubei province Li Shengle, deputy director of the Seismological Bureau of Gansu province Yang Liming and forecast center Liu wind and other experts to conduct a teaching. The teaching content is the main basis of Seismology knowledge and technical methods, analysis and forecast of precursory data of basic theory and the application of the prediction of earthquake prediction, macroscopic anomaly identification and determination, MAPSIS commonly used features of the northwest region, typical cases of earthquake response analysis and experience introduction etc..
experts with rich practical experience and a large number of pictures of their multimedia gives students a detailed explanation. After the lecture, the experts patiently answered the questions. Through this training, monitoring technical personnel to broaden their horizons, to understand the domestic and foreign experts and advanced technology. Broaden the thinking and vision of earthquake monitoring and forecasting workers in cities and counties.

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