6 28, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department held the 2016 domestic key universities selected graduates forum, 2015 2014, 2016 30 on behalf of selected graduates, universities and selected graduates receiving areas and units of the organization and personnel departments responsible person to attend the meeting.

the meeting stressed that the selected graduates is an important work by the organization department from the university graduates outstanding in Colleges and universities of the party and government personnel selection and training of reserve. The domestic key universities targeted recruiting selected graduates in our province is to strengthen the construction of cadres source oriented, constantly optimize the cadre source structure, the introduction of the shortage of much-needed high-level cadres, from the strategy for our province high-quality power reserve backbone of the team construction of a number of outstanding reserve cadres of the important initiatives.

the meeting pointed out that in our province for 3 consecutive years for Qinghua University and other domestic key universities targeted recruiting selected graduates, successfully recruit 60 key universities graduates into the youth, authorities at all levels in the province, a province of the party and government cadres in a team full of vitality, quality of the force, the formation of

brand cadres the source of the construction team

meeting the requirements of selected graduates on the job to maintain the political character of the party faithful, pay attention to the cultivation of healthy life, enhance the pioneer career consciousness, be qualified successors of selected graduates, when. All localities and units to strengthen the work of the organization and leadership of selected graduates, full trust and political work of selected graduates on life support, enthusiasm, guide the selected graduates timely change the role, take the initiative to integrate into Qinghai, play an active role, to ensure the healthy growth of.


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