as a dish or, or as a kind of leisure food, duck always has a very high popularity, has become a lot of people like to eat delicious, but also because people of this love, will let the duck market is growing, the birth of the next Xiaobian to introduce the duck ten brands list.

duck as a popular food, originated in the Hunan region of Changde. It is said that the early Qing Dynasty had duck snacks, after hundreds of years of development, making more and more sophisticated duck. Now Xiaobian to introduce ten popular brand duck.

ten duck brand ranking NO.1, Juewei duck neck: the vast flavor is a leisure braised food production and sales, chain stores management system for the main business of the company. More than 7000 stores under the line, the official service platform has been on-line.

ten duck brand ranking NO.2, Hisaku: "Hisaku" was founded in 2002, is Shanghai’s top known Food Co., leisure food brands, including duck, duck wings, duck tongue, duck, duck, Dried tofu, clavicle, soybeans and other cooked meat, stewed bean products……

ten duck brand rankings: NO.3, Huangshanghuang Jiangxi Huangshanghuang group food Limited by Share Ltd founded in 1993. The company’s main business group has formed products of soy sauce, cooking, barbecue, salad and packaging of the five series of more than and 100 varieties, with fresh, fragrant, spicy, crisp, with a number of subsidiaries. In September 5, 2012, Huangshanghuang listed.

ten duck brand ranking NO.4, Ichiban shop: Hubei province famous trademark, leisure food research and development, processing packaging and retail services professional brand chain operators, Hubei Ichiban Shop Food Co. ltd..

ten duck brand ranking NO.5, laiyifen: Shanghai famous trademarks, brand-name products in Shanghai City, roasted seeds and nuts of ten brands, the leading brand of leisure food retail chain, Shanghai laiyifen Limited by Share Ltd.

ten duck brand ranking NO.6, becheery: Chinese Chain Gold Award with kylin growth brand, the leading brand of Internet sales of food nuts, Hangzhou Hao James Food Co. ltd..

ten duck brand ranking NO.7, Hu duck: brand-name products in Hubei Province, Hubei province famous trademark, the focus of the provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, well-known brand, Hubei Hu duck Food limited liability company.

ten duck brand ranking NO.8, Green Sheng GREENFULL: Zhejiang province famous trademark, Hangzhou famous brand, famous snack food >

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