Even Japan, a rich and colorful, the highlights are frequent, so that the public about the fair city detonated South City International Convention and Exhibition Center, a new energy, new materials, new technology show in front of people, the future city function more and more complete, fair city, to the public not only presents remarkable achievements in Xining rapid development that is the direction and goals for future development, and businessmen saw a new opportunity of rapid new Xining, green pollution-free environment, policy dividends, let investors hesitate to choose to invest here.

the fair city attracted nearly a thousand Chinese and foreign businessmen strong concern, including foreign Italy Sicily, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and other merchants gathered in Xining, a number of well-known domestic enterprises have reached consensus with the Xining enterprises, the investment environment of Xining to let them feel relaxed.

reform bonus for the customers love Xining

has participated in the two session of the city will contact Chengdu businessmen said, as an inland city, Xining in recent years has been trying to upgrade the level of opening up, using a variety of major economic and cultural platform, promote internal and external cooperation and exchange, every investment fair not only to investors and merchants to build a stage. Mutual benefit and win-win platform, also make foreign guests find room for cooperation, Xining in recent years the pace of development is not general.

simplify the examination and approval of foreign investment and shorten the work time and improve work efficiency! In recent years, the development of a number of reform measures Xining impressive, reducing the burden on enterprises, the list of negative list, in the investment environment to create a lot of real kung fu. There are merchants with deep feeling said: investment of a project is not only a number of preferential policies will cover it, it has a set of operation rules, legal system, standardize the transparent procedures, perfect facilities and good human resources. And these, they think Xining are very good, the market potential is huge, broad prospects.

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