for a long time, the Huangyuan County People’s court adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as guidance, thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, adhere to the guiding ideology of the three first ", and focus on three key work, pay more attention to the behavior culture and spiritual culture and justice for the people and culture, system culture, the culture and the learning level of court building to create a full range of court culture, court culture construction has achieved remarkable results, in 2006 was named the" national advanced unit of court culture construction, in 2010 won the first batch of "national court culture demonstration unit" title in 2012 by the Supreme People’s court awarded the "national model court" award. The success of cultural construction has laid a solid foundation for the construction of Huangyuan County People’s court judges.

Huangyuan County People’s court to raise awareness, unity of thought as a starting point and important content of strengthening the construction of court culture. To "national court culture construction demonstration unit" as a new starting point, planning new ideas, to seek new development. Institute party with reality, research and development of the cultural construction plan, the beginning of each year to develop cultural construction work arrangements. Adhering to the "responsibility" of the soul, advocating "fair, efficient, pragmatic, innovative" school training and "fair, honest and for the people" tribunals, carry forward the embodiment of law enforcement officers of the core values of "loyalty, civil, public and clearing, and the court of the court of the cultural concept the construction of learning penetrated into all aspects of education, team construction, trial implementation and administration.

To strengthen the cultural construction of

, we must take the construction of learning court as an important link. Huangyuan County People’s court to study the development of the "talent training plan", to strengthen the legal talent, management talent, young reserve cadres of the three team training. To establish and perfect the incentive mechanism, introduced a series of preferential policies to support the Secretary to participate in the judicial examination; the founder of "everyone said · forum, arrange to go to learn the judge or invite well-known experts and scholars to all police officers for seminars, and organizations to discuss and exchange ideas; a library and cultural center, with the purchase of books focus on learning journals; the results of the use, in the past three years, the police investigation to write 84 articles, by the" Qinghai trial "and other publications with 39 articles, one of which won the national award of excellence.

cultural construction success, forming a hard work dedication in the judiciary, general business, fair and efficient culture to guide and motivate judges consciously practice the judicial justice, only for the people of the legal concept, so as to promote the upgrading of Huangyuan County People’s court trial quality and efficiency, outstanding performance in: never together illegal overtime hearing cases; court sentencing rate as high as 70%; civil and commercial cases in a month which accounted for 72%, concluded in three months accounted for 22%; the annual summary procedure applicable rate reached 93.7%, the basic realization of the statutory time limit to shorten handling cycle than the target of 1/3. In recent years, the Huangyuan County People’s court trial quality efficiency evaluation of the top ranking, since 2009 for three consecutive years was named Xining City Court case;

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