in order to further improve the comprehensive quality of female workers in the health system, promote the popularization and dissemination of women’s health knowledge, improve women’s health consciousness and health knowledge level, build type, type, type of elegant female worker team, August 24th, Union City Commission, the Municipal Health Bureau and the Commission jointly organized the "lecture" health knowledge female worker health care in Xining, invited the gynecology hospital of Xi’an Xining First People’s Hospital Professor Li Fengyun to carry out health lectures of female workers for the health sector of female workers.
in the lecture of Professor Li according to the physiological characteristics of women, take an interactive way, from the three aspects of health psychology, scientific exercise, reasonable diet, vividly explained women’s breast, uterus and other reproductive system health care knowledge, and how to prevent the occurrence of disease of gynecological diseases, how should treat in the effective time. Vivid, analyses the necessity of general investigation of gynecological diseases and reduce the incidence of cancer in women, keep beautiful, the important significance of constructing the harmonious family, harmonious society, the combination of theory and practice, simple, vivid and easy to remember, for the majority of female workers sent a healthy meal, and cited a number of data for female workers a vivid health education, female workers comrades benefit, warmly welcomed by the female workers.
through lectures, to further promote the awareness of women’s disease knowledge rate and popularity rate, improve the female worker’s view on the physiological importance, to further enhance the awareness of health.


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