"now, there are so many good people in our community, and I was moved by their spirit, singing" flowers "." November 12th, the city of Xining, North Bridge Street office Mao Sheng Temple community residents Shen Wancheng find this community liaison station, sang his "flowers" community good people sing ".

"in the community more than good, sing a good doctor, saving lives running around. Two a good husband to take care of paralyzed wife really thoughtful. Three sing a good daughter-in-law, filial piety family harmony…… Today we sing the good people, their spirit spread……" As a "flower" enthusiasts, Shen Wan said that he will use every opportunity to many streets, community singing "flowers" sing "good" community, let the residents feel the real charm of civilized community.

"this’ flower ‘, a lot of people will sing two miles." Let the music Shen million ha, "flowers", "sing" has been in good community residents sung opened.

talked about encouraging changes happened in the community, Shen Wancheng look cheerful. He talked, you dance around, unable to restrain the emotions to sing "flower" in "the old man want to live for one hundred years in the new century": "old man yo, really comfortable, Sishitongtang yo…… The new style suit yo, tie, his waist is in a mobile phone…… The good life, sing endless……" (author: Zhang Pu)

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