Mid Autumn Festival this year, the National Day holiday from September 30th to start, during this period of weather, travel play, visiting relatives and friends have an impact? Xining area of the mid autumn National Day holiday in early September 30th to October 1st in sunny or cloudy weather; the middle 2 days to 4 days in Xining with light rain or showers, low temperature; in late 5 to 6 days, the temperature gradually rose; 7 showers, low temperature.

meteorological experts, Xining in September 30th and October 1st two days, the weather will be sunny or cloudy weather, the temperature between 4 to 20 degrees Celsius, only 1 ~ 2 breeze; from October 2nd to 4 during the day, some areas will appear rainfall weather, with showers and rain, daytime temperatures it will decline at 16 degrees Celsius, 4 in Xining and three counties will be 3 to 5 level wind; October 5th to 6 of the two days will return to the fine weather, daytime temperatures will rise to 18 degrees Celsius; in October 7th, there are three Xining County District Four showers, temperatures will fall. During the 8 day holiday, although there are rainfall, but mainly to light rain or rain, little impact on the public travel, just go out in the morning and evening to wear some clothes. At the same time, meteorological experts also reminded the general public, during the holidays, to keep an eye on the latest weather forecast released by the meteorological observatory, in order to arrange the activities during the festive season. (author: Yang giwan Ya Lin Zheng Sizhe)


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