December 1st is the twenty-fourth World AIDS Day, in the afternoon, Xining City Vice Mayor Wang Xuan accompanied by relevant leaders of the Municipal Health Bureau, deputy director Li Xiangdong, Municipal Women’s Federation, education, Chengzhong District, the district government, down to the city center for disease prevention and control, visit condolences to AIDS prevention and control of medical personnel, NGO volunteers and infection who sent condolences to Kim 4000 yuan, and conducted research on AIDS prevention and control work. Vice mayor Wang Xuan heard in the AIDS prevention and control demonstration community health bureau and the district report, is a representative of the municipal government to extend my sincere greetings and highest respect for the majority of medical workers engaged in AIDS prevention and control line; two is to get on the city’s AIDS prevention and control work affirmed the achievements; the three is to require the AIDS prevention and control members of the unit to further increase the prevention and control efforts, and improve the prevention and control of network, expand the coverage of prevention and control; four is to ask the government and relevant departments to give support to non-governmental organizations in AIDS prevention and control, in order to better play their unique role; five is to improve AIDS living assistance, protection level, will meet the conditions of the patients with the lowest the protection of life, effectively eliminate in hospital and employment, schooling and other aspects of discrimination against them. Then the king Xuan

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