Xining multi sectoral cooperation, and actively raise funds to help poor college students enrolled. At the end of August, 2185 poor students get grants 5 million 140 thousand and 200 yuan, 7113 people apply for the national student loan credit. Department of Union City, City Board of education, municipal Party Committee on the work function, actively strive for social enterprises, people love and fund support, 3 million 231 thousand and 700 yuan to raise funds for the 1405 college entrance examination this year was admitted to college or college needy families (including migrant workers) children provide assistance. For children of poor families, during the university to give 3000 yuan to $5000 each year to help rescue. The county will help poor college students as a key livelihood projects, vigorously carry out student activities, financing 1 million 908 thousand and 500 yuan, to help the poor college students round the dream of the University of 780. At the same time, actively assist the students to do a good job in the national student loan reporting. At the end of August, the county received a total of students credit student loans for 7113 people, for the amount of 38 million 390 thousand yuan, the loan approval and issuance of work will be completed before the end of November.  

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