from scratch, from small to large, Xining city to increase the social sports instructor training work, the formation of more than 3 thousand social sports instructors, as part of an important force to promote the development of mass sports and sports public service system construction indispensable. At present, Xining city social sports instructors accounted for the proportion of the city’s population of about 1.5 per thousand, the first to reach the State Sports General Administration in the province, the city reached every thousand people have at least 1 social sports instructors requirements.

"continuous activity, high tide, constant bright spot" has become a new feature of Xining fitness. In recent years, the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau in support of the Provincial Sports Bureau, to increase urban and rural social sports instructor backbone training, make them better in skills, exercise guidance and management in mass sports activities, publicity, launch and guide not to participate in sports activities of the people to participate in sports activities. Currently, Xining sports population reached 600 thousand, ranking the forefront of the western provinces.

strengthen the social sports instructor training has a realistic demand. On the one hand, not all people consciously participate in sports activities, need someone to lead more people to cultivate fitness activities; on the other hand a lot of morning and evening exercises at the gathering exercise people need to show a leader. This requires a large number of social sports instructors play a role. It is understood that the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau has been held for 18 consecutive social sports instructor training courses. In all aspects of social sports instructors, including hard work, the current annual activities in Xining to carry out the activities of the 265 points, the Mass Sports Association of the 42.

reporter from October 24th the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau held the two national level social sports instructor training class learned that this year according to their demand for mass sports in agricultural and pastoral areas, increase of rural sports backbone training, let them play a role in organizing and guiding the masses fitness activities. As of now, Xining city has registered social sports instructors in 3007, the national social sports instructor 44, a level of social sports instructors in 306, two social sports instructors in 774, three social sports instructors 1883. (author: Meng Jun)

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