to strengthen the function of community service, convenient for residents to buy food, vegetables enterprises in our city in recent years, the Xining Municipal Bureau of commerce organization for community convenience stores selling real estate and foreign vegetable distribution. Up to now, has been the transformation of the construction of direct shop 306, operating 286, for the community convenience food outlets stores distribution of all kinds of vegetables about 1031 tons.

at present, each enterprise in the host community convenience food outlets stores set up direct distribution of sales area of vegetables, green vegetables Qinghai Sheng plateau Development Company Limited, Xining HSBC agricultural investment company for some direct sales stores are equipped with storage cabinets and other equipment. At the same time, the enterprises have continuously increased vegetable distribution efforts, the supply of vegetables in season vegetables planting to ensure production distribution in place, in the off-season vegetable supply also arrange foreign reserves for transporting vegetables in the distribution, production and transportation of vegetables can not meet the demand, and actively to the wholesale market to purchase, rich varieties, to a certain extent to meet the basic purchase food needs of community residents.

at the same time, to stabilize prices, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce 100 home stores have been built in the community convenience food outlets stores set vegetable sales area parity, require the contractor enterprises to increase the convenience of direct marketing shop cheap vegetable supply, increasing the variety and quantity of supply.


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