At the beginning of August to the beginning of September this year, Xining City Administration for Industry and Commerce for one month rental counter special rectification actions carried out in the provincial capital, the city’s shopping malls, supermarkets, rental counter business unlicensed behavior has been curbed.

remediation action, the Xining Municipal Industrial and commercial system to make full use of the grid regulatory model, focusing on the city’s various types of rental counters operating subjects made a thorough investigation. By the 950 operators of 57 shopping malls, supermarkets door-to-door mobilization, the 471 households eligible for shopping malls and supermarkets rental counter operators for a business license, registration 260 rental counter business households, banned 6 unlicensed car rental counter, the unlicensed rental counter business as well as joint venture and cooperation the contract in the form of leasing business has been preliminary standard counter. (author: Cui Zhenlin)


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