In addition, the Qinghai Lake

winter ice Snow gleams white. grand outside, also attracted a lot of big swan from distant Xinjiang here in winter. Because the dancing elegant posture, has been known as the "Swan bird Fairy", her arrival to add a lot of vitality and charm for the sacred lake, Qinghai Lake has become the "Swan Lake Qinghai Tibet plateau".
water level rise cited numerous Swan
photographer for the Swan Jingsheyao
in recent years, with the Qinghai lake ecological environment is getting better, the winter Qinghai Lake became black necked cranes, Przewalski’s gazelle and other rare animal parks, especially the big Swan very pretty and charming figure, has become another winter Qinghai lake scenery, Qinghai Lake as the most important big Swan filming base, attracting hundreds of photographers have to.
in the lens to capture the big swan, the most beautiful moment, our province famous photographer Ge Yuxiu every winter long time stay in Qinghai lake, risking the ice collapse, a day of walking on the ice, shooting out of pieces of big Swan beauty. He said that when the weather is sunny, large flocks of swans flew to the ice, grass, and slowly glide, sometimes raucous low Ming, lightweight, agile movements, like the ice dancer, doing all kinds of graceful performance. It is reported that, with the improvement of the ecological environment around the Qinghai Lake, there are a small number of large Swan nostalgia throughout the year in Qinghai Lake, in a beautiful and quiet environment, the birth of a child".

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