"I want to use less paper towels." "I will throw rubbish in the bin." "Living in the same city, breathing the same air, I have the obligation to protect the blue sky in Xining." "I want to drive less, take more buses"…… Since the newspaper to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau has invited the general public to participate in the "public environmental protection activities to do what I can for the Xining blue sky after the start, in an instant, the Xining evening news, Qinghai WeChat public search platform, packed with all kinds of environmental public declaration activities, unusually hot. As long as the thought that he can make a contribution to protect the blue sky in Xining, many people can not wait to join them, personally, drying out the concept of environmental protection.

although these are only a word or two, or simple behavior, but dripping into the river, as long as you can do it, then a small move will become a great power. We call on more people to join us, to create a fresh air, free breathing living environment for our future generations to leave the blue sky. You can through the Xining evening news WeChat public number, Qinghai full search platform, drying out their own environmental declaration, and the practice of environmental protection declaration with practical action. The newspaper jointly organized by the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau "do what I can for Xining Lantian public environmental protection activities continue, if you are willing to contribute to Xining’s blue sky, so please write your declaration of environmental protection in the white paper, the photo you sent to the environmental protection and the declaration of the Xining evening news, WeChat Qinghai search public number [email protected] evening news will be drying out your idea of environmental protection.


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