talked about the quality of entrepreneurs must have a broad vision is bound to be one of them. Entrepreneurs should learn to look up to the world, both focus on the needs of people’s lives and explore business opportunities, but also to show their strength and creativity to the outside world.

"HD video conferencing service cloud communications platform using the international advanced VCaaS cloud computing technology, based entirely on the Internet, to provide cross regional, cross platform, terminal diversity HD video communication services for users……" Held in the day before the Binhai New Technology Financial Service Center "Binhai imagination theater culture entrepreneurship season fourth project roadshow, 5 entrepreneurial projects from Beijing and Tianjin Hebei in order to, through to the roadshow business mentor group show their strength and creativity. Reporters learned that this is organized by the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region of entrepreneurial activities, is attracting more and more provinces and the creation of passenger concern, become their dream stage.

UP  Lady is China’s first women’s sports Internet platform to create women’s exclusive cool sports APP. Platform to provide a variety of fun through the experience of a variety of "cool" sports, promote healthy, happy consumption upgrade. This is the new bee cool (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Li He, general manager at the event to showcase new projects.

and UP  Lady and DreamVR, the project will display the animation from the media "hot" CASSA  cafe "Yuesao"; and "cloud" video communication service. In fact, these projects are closely related to people’s lives." Binhai New Area, deputy director of the center for science and technology financial services Zhang Weiwei said.

DreamVR is a virtual reality glasses ouben application software to build the personal mobile phone, is also the first online real IMAX cinema, support 4.5 – 6 inch Android smart mobile phone, iPhone6 and iPhone6  Plus and other mobile phone equipment. "Hot" is the development of animation industry Yuesao characteristics based on, combined with the Internet thinking, for the Chinese 80 million "new generation" of the creation of a mother population maternal knowledge of new media animation program. "CASSA  cafe" aims to be the first in the Binhai New Area of cultural atmosphere, low priced western style restaurant bar. Cloud View video communication services are cloud computing service delivery model, customers can easily achieve the organization, outside the HD video interoperability, so that video conferencing as a social communication tool like the phone.

Binhai influence out of the theater

5 by the careful selection of business mentor, UP  Lady; and "cloud" service platform for video communication see two projects become the outstanding project activities of the field, the two projects are from Beijing.

in the roadshow 5 projects recommended

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